12 Questions Episode 205: Gebio

The 205th episode of our 12 Questions segment features producer Gebio.


1. How old are you, where are you living and how long have you been producing and Djing?

– Wow, this should not be the first question (laughs) Ok, I’m 54 years old. But music makes me feel like 40 and it´s a very very good number for me (more laughs). I´m living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I began to Djing at the age of 17, yes it´s a long time ago, 1978. It was a beautiful stage where the disco music was the mother of all night. I played great artists, as Giorgio Moroder, Theo Vaness, Donna Summer, Gaynor, E.L.O. Boney M, Tina Turner, Rod Stewart, and more, much more. A major family event was the reason I left this amazing world of music at my 23. But life always gives us second chances, for this reason I came back in 2010.

In December 2010 I began Equinox Show on Digitally Imported Radio in the progressive channel. This show is aired monthly each first Friday The next in 2011, Bangkok on Proton Radio, a monthly show aired each 4th Wednesday.

And the last product is for Nube Music Radio named Classounds aired each second Saturday. Equinox and Bangkok actually are hosted by Julián Rodriguez and me. I am producing since 2012.

2. Where do your musical roots lie, what are your first memories of electronic music and when did you know you wanted to pursue it seriously? Are there any particular productions or artists from the past that really made you think to yourself ‘this is what I want to do.”

– When I was a teenager (as I said above), disco music was the main musical genre, one day I heard a vinyl that I still keep at home, “From Here to Eternity” from Giorgio Moroder. In earliers 70’s that sound was a strong impact for me. In a few words I loved it in just seconds.

Also I can see the musical born of Jean Michael Jarré (Oxigene 1976), and later (between 1977 and 1978) I knows Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Mike Olfield, Tangerine Dream and my fav Pink Floyd.

3. How difficult was learning to produce for you in the beginning? Did you take any Audio Engineering programs or production courses to help you out or are you pretty much self taught? And did anyone give any advice early on that really helped?

– I am a professional in IT, I have no problems to use computers or software as DAWs or VSTs. My leading teacher and consultant was Emiliano Folgar (Interaxxis), virtually he opened my mind and ears. Was an incredible year 2012 learn with him. Of course, my friends and colleagues are my permanent consultants too.

4. What parts of the production process do you find the most difficult and what comes easiest for you? When you do hit a creative block what helps you through it?

– I have no problem to create a melody, but I must improve many things, build the musical atmosphere by example. Percussion stage is more easy for me. Lately I’ve dedicated lot time to correct my bassline and pads. I see video tutorials, and read books about musical production, mixing and mastering.

5. What’s a normal day like for you? Do you have a job outside of electronic music? And what do you like to do when you’re not working on music?

I work in the IT industry, my day involves datacenters, servers, fibers optics, software, hardware and customer complaints (laughs). I like to drive my car on the road just to find a quiet place to relax without computers or daily problems

6. Apart from electronic music what other genres do you listen to and who are your favourite artists outside of electronic? and do these genres or artists have a direct effort on your own productions?

I like to listen Led Zeppellin, Queen, Pink Floyd, Yes, Rick Wackeman (as soloist), Mike Olfield, Vangelis, Deep Purple, Emerson Like & Palmer, too new age music and some classical pieces that relaxes me. My musical beginning was the progressive rock and local rock.

7. What was the first and last physical (CD, Vinyl, Cassette etc) piece of music you bought?

My first was Last train to London – Electric Light Orchestra (vinyl) and last was The Miracle – Queen (CD)

8. Tell us something about yourself that might surprise people?

I am a lover of planes, I am a virtual pilot that flies in virtual skies with another pilots around the world using Flight Simulators via Internet.

9. Which producers in your opinion get consistently overlooked?

– If we talk about the national scene I think many guys strive for a better sound in each track they write. It would be impossible to name them of all 🙂

10. Which producers consistently inspire you? And where else does your inspiration come from?

Although they have different styles undoubtedly Soundexile, Jody Wisternoff, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Adriatique, Sasha, Nick Warren, Guy Gerber and David August inspires me. I love their sound, musical structures, as they builds environments and especially the fusion of sounds.

11. There are countless producers out there trying to find their way and create their own unique sound, what advice do you have for them?

Only 3 things: dedication, effort, mind and ears wide open

12. If the final DJ/live set of your career was next week what would your last track be?

-Next week???? I am here to stay more time! I want to cry (hahaha)
Last track to close my final performance would be Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Schlittenfa (Original Mix)

This was so so funny, thank You!

segment collected by Benjaminas Bagdonas

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