12 Questions Episode 69: Kacper Kostecki

The 69th episode of our 12 Questions segment features producer Kacper Kostecki.

kacper kostecki,

1. If you had to pick one track which solidified your love for electronic music early on what would it be?

Humate – Love Stimulation – One of those classic tracks that simply doesn’t want to leave my head

2. What was your first and last DJ gig?

Best are yet to come. Till now I  focused mostly on making music, so nothing really memorable enough what I would like to mention in Interview.

3. What was the first and last record you purchased?

First – Metallica- Master of Puppets, on a cassette, still have it somewhere on shelf. Last one – Simian Mobile Disco – Tangents

4. What would you say is the highlight of your career thus far?

Being remixed by Kaito, a Kompakt artist – I am a huge fan of Kompakt and Michael Mayer and co. Luckily my friends Magda and Emil are one of best booking agents and party organizers in Poland and we have a lot of Kompakt  guys here in Krakow, playing very often. Other thing, which I actually value most – friendship with Kobana. A real highlight for me, we both encourage each other to make the next musical step on a daily basis and support each other.

5. Tell us something about yourself that might surprise people?

I am an admirer of surrealism in art. I am a huge history fanatic – especially of WW2 period. I have a very wide and eclectic taste in music – from rock, metal, classic music to techno I value open mind and crossing boundaries, always looking after something interesting and asking questions.

6. Who are some of the best undiscovered talents in your eyes?

I will surprise You – Kobana. He has a huge and established fanbase, but in my opinion he deserves much more. But I know he works a lot, spending like 10-14 hours a day in studio and sooner than later he will be worldwide phenomenon spinning his music every week in different part of the world.
Sebastian Markiewicz – My polish buddy, based in Manchester. He has a bright future ahead of him for sure. I’ve heard couple of new, unreleased tracks yet and trust me guys, they will set your shoes on fire while dancing,
Other one – Thylacine. French producer, who doesn’t stop to amaze me.
Chino – my buddy from Krakow, an amazing techno artist, analog-geek and source of never-ending inspiration with his approach to music and art. He already plays on great gigs and festivals, but as with Kobana…it is only a matter of time when he will make a proper,huge splash all over the world.

7. Which producers consistently inspire you?

Michael Mayer, Ben Klock, Ellen Allien, Anja Schneider, Domik Eulberg, Max Cooper, Gui Boratto, Dixon, Fairmont, Nils Frahm, Scuba, Barnt and many more, hard to name them all in one interview. I spend a lot of time daily, browsing my favourite archives of music.

8. What artist or track would you love to remix? and who would you love to be remixed by?

I would love to remix a track from John Digweed – Why? John and his career is a source of inspiration. He is one of the biggest pieces of electronic music puzzle in World. It would be an extremely stimulating task for me and reward. I often play some John’s videos, love to listen what he has to say In various interviews. Basically, he is one of godfathers of modern dance music and djing. I would love to be remixed by an artist with open mind sonically, who loves to experiment – Ellen Allien or Michael Mayer come to my mind first.

9. Record labels are a dime a dozen these days and the majority of people feel most of them are mediocre music factories. Which ones if any standout for you?

Kompakt, Traum, Bedrock, Proton Music, Sincopat, Comeme, My Favorite Robot Records are among those visited most often by me on Beatport.

10. What would you say is the best mix compilation of all time?

John Digweed ‎– Fabric 20

11. Current Favourites (you can list more than one per category if you like)

Food: White chocolate
Drink: Whisky, Chardonnay wines, Coffee with cognac
Drug: I really steer away from drugs, on parties/gigs I barely drink too – I want to be 100% sure that my perception of music is accurate.
Animal: Dogs
TV Show: Married with Children, South Park
Movie:  La vita è bella
Video Game:  Surely something for ww2 history nerds/geeks – Hearts of Iron series
Album: Das Boot soundtrack
Track / Song: Simian Mobile Disco – Tangents
Producer / Band: Lots of them, impossible to pick favourites
Record Label: Kompakt
Nightclub: Prozak 2.0 in Krakow
DJ: John Digweed/Michael Mayer ex aequo

12. If the final DJ/live set of your career was next week what would your last track be?

Simian Mobile Disco – Tangents – My most recent banger/ power track. Literally, I can’t stop listening to it in a spare time.

Kacper’s remix of MiraculuM ‘Juggernaut’ is out now on Time Capsule, you can purchase the release: here

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