12 Questions Episode 89: Mindaugas Jak

The 89th episode of our 12 Questions segment features producer Mindaugas Jak.

mindaugas jak

1. If you had to pick one track which solidified your love for electronic music early on what would it be?

As many others, I could say there are many of them. Maybe the most significant impact to my point of view to electronic music made Solid Groove – This Is Sickand James Holden production.

2. What was your first and last DJ gig?

I’m currently involved only in the production. I had some radio shows in Lithuanian radio stations. I think I will show off for the audience when I will have something unique to deliver, I mean not only the music, but the technique as well. Now I do not have possibility to do this, but I hope it‘s just a matter of time.

3. What was the first and last record you purchased?

Actually I can‘t remember my very first purchased record. I know that it was a digital one. I always buy music digital format, because usually there are only a couple of tracks in the albums or compilations which I like, so I‘m making my own compilations for listening. The last purchased track was XXXY – Evade”.

4. What would you say is the highlight of your career thus far?

It’s a tough question. I would say every finished track is a personal highlight for me. Every finished track makes you feel that you have put your production to a higher level, especially when you get positive feedback from some of your favourite artists, such as Maya Jane Coles, Jody Wisternoff or Stacey Pullen. A big pleasure was a release of my track “Rytas” with Greta on Paul Oakenfold’s label or track “Persona” remixed by Pole Folder.

5. Tell us something about yourself that might surprise people?

I think I do not have any exceptional features which might suprise people, and those who know me well, know about me everything J

6. Who are some of the best undiscovered talents in your eyes?

I couldn‘t name some undiscovered talents, I could only name some artists, who, in my opinion, are underrated and do not get as much attention as they should – amazing Dutch producer Exoplanet, russian talent Ishome or very interesting canadian guy Stefan Z. His tracks have very deep mood, his production has an unique sound. I‘m currently following this guy.

7. Which producers consistently inspire you?

Well, ladies first here – my mentioned Maya Jane Coles, Ishome, Miriam Macri and Nadja Lind. Henry Saiz‘s tunes also must inspire you if you produce similar kind of music. All these guys have their unique sound, and in my opinion, music tendencies makes no impact on their production. My philosophy is the same, maybe that‘s why I love their music and their point of view to the music.

8. What artist or track would you love to remix? And who would you love to be remixed by?

Would love to remix Seba‘s production. I like to make absolute alternative to originals when I remix tracks. Seba makes great DnB tunes filled with deep melodies, atmosphere and amazing oldschool bassline. Would be great to have my tracks remixed by Guy J, Tale Of Us, and, of course, Maya Jane Coles.

9. Record labels are a dime a dozen these days and the majority of people feel most of them are mediocre music factories. Which ones if any standout for you?

Actually I do not have my favourite labels, I‘m only constantly following my favourite artists, and they release in many different records labels. But there are a few which I always check when I‘m picking music for my mixes – My Favorite Robot Records, BPitch Control and Mobilee.

10. What would you say is the best mix compilation of all time?

I would say some of the old Global Underground compilations, for example compiled by Deep Dish. I‘m very nostalgic to an oldschool sound, like many this field of music lovers I think. And these mixes have some kind of mood and sound which you can hardly find in today‘s DJ‘s mixes.

11. Current Favourites (you can list more than one per category if you like)

Drink: beer & whiskey
Animal: love most of them
TV Show: I do not watch TV, except the sports programs.
Movie: all time favourite – all parts of The Godfather
Video Game:
Album: –
Track / Song: Miriam Macri – Paint The Beginning
Producer / Band: Trentemoller
Record Label:
DJ: James Zabiela – I think he is an icona of DJ‘ing.

12. If the final DJ/live set of your career was next week what would your last track be?

Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix)

segment collected by Benjaminas Bagdonas.

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