5 tracks from AOT’s Obscura Label Worth Checking Out

Agents of Time are making bold moves with their new night Cymatiks.

It is a project that aims to make the sound visible, so that the musical experience is even more beautiful and immersive, with a series of hybrid production, interactive video installations, 3D spaces, FX light sculptures, and vibrational objects.

The prestigious artists are of course also esteemed DJs and producers in their own right who run their Obscura label. Here we shine a light on five of the best releases to date ahead of April 20th in Beirut, Lebanon and January 4th in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, when the next Cymatiks parties happen.

1. Hiver – Spiritual Machines

This is a deeply enchanting track with an almost spooky bassline that rumbles down low and has bleeping sci fi keys up top. Futuristic stuff for sure.

2. Mathew Jonson & The Agents of Time – Repeating Patterns, Numbers And Letters (Feat. Isis)

Anything with techno don Mathew Jonson will be class and so this one proves with its sleepy modulations and loopy vocals. The acid bass is the killer finishing touch.

3. Agents of Time – Sequences

This has a dark undercurrent that is lit up with bright, tense synths that stretch off to the skies. It’s utterly arresting.

4. Amandra – Dame De Bahia EP

More well crafted tech that manages to power drum led power with synth beauty to mesmeric effect.

5. Agents of Time – Ordinary Cosmic Dance EP

This one from 2018 is an enduring classic that offers three powerful tunes and scintillating synth work that is heady and unrelenting.


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