Advent’s Rising – Return EP (Suffused Music)

Suffused Music continues it’s strong momentum to start the year with a brand new single from Advent’s Rising.

Advent's Rising - Return EP

Advent’s Rising has been an integral part of the Suffused Music artist roster since the inception of the label nearly two years ago. The Greek producer’s ‘Unexpected Conditions’ was Suffused Music’s third ever release in June of 2013 and he has since appeared twelve additional times. As 2015 begins Advent’s Rising is embarking on what is set to be the strongest single of this career. Once again courtesy of Suffused Music ‘Return’ is another journey into the depths of progressive house with a great complement of remixes from Andrees and Yakoff, Bobby Deep, Matter and Rezo.

Advent’s Rising’s driving, energetic style of progressive remains refreshing and the ‘Return’ exemplifies that wonderfully. The emotional content of the record is what sets it apart from some of his previous productions. The smooth chord changes and sweeping harmonies are bound to create many goose bump moments throughout 2015 and it’s surely a standout in his discography this far.

The first interpretation of ‘Return’ is provided by Andrees and Yakoff who are making their fourth appearance on Suffused Music. The Lithuanian duo remain one of their countries top up and coming production teams and their interpretation of ‘Return’ only solidifies that sentiment. The duos meandering broken beat remix not only complements the driving original quite well but it’s introspective melodies may capture a few hearts along the way

The second interpretation is provided by Bobby Deep who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. The Greek producer is a long time veteran of the progressive house underground and his discography now has nearly 350 entries. For his ‘Return’ interpretation Bobby has put a wonderful old school twist on the track with rumbling grooves, soaring synths and above all an honest, emotional approach which his diehard fan base is sure to enjoy.

The third interpretation is provided by Matter who is making his third appearance on Suffused Music. 2014 has seen the Aussie producer rise even higher with an outstanding EP on FutureForm Music. For his ‘Return’ interpretation Matter has put a deep, hypnotic twist on the track like only he can. Mesmerizing vocal loops and a vortex of infectious rhythms lead what is another intelligent club bomb from Matter.

The fourth and final remix comes from Rezo who is making his first appearance on Suffused Music. The Israeli producer has appeared on Mistique Music, Jetlag Digital and OLD SQL Recordings over the course of his 7 year production career and his debut remix for Suffused Music closes the release out on a strong note. Rezo’s melodic reconstruction is full of memorable elements from big bulging bass stabs, clattering drums and sparkling harmonies. The mixes emotion is amplified by its pristine and detailed production and makes for the most blissful work of Rezo’s career.

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