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Adwer – Kolibri (Baroque Records)

The 156th release on Baroque Records finds the storied UK label with one of its most intriguing releases of the year. It features the debut of an exciting new artist by the name of Adwer. Adam Werderits aka Adwer hails from Hungary but is now based in Colombia. He has only a few production credits on his discography under this new alias as he previously recorded as Adept. His recent single on Jacco@Work’s LuPS Records was outstanding and his first single for Baroque entitled ‘Kolibri’ looks to further that success.

Adwer’s original mix leads the release off with a wealth of glitchy electronics. The quality of the sound design is really something to marvel at and a quick build soon reveals a dynamic kick that really packs some punch. As the composition grows grating rhythms dominate the underbelly of the track and lock in the deadly groove a notch further. The top end harmonic elements soon follow and that’s when the overall character and texture of the track really begins to shine. The melodic clusters seem almost sonically charged and the growling bass stabs are carved to rib cage crushing perfection. Adwer’s crafted a unique story here as well as the track transitions through a variety of themes and ideas along with a gargantuan build and huge payoff which should have the full attention of your dance floor. An intensely satisfying track from Adwer to say the least. Also included is an alternative mix which reworks many of the strong elements from the original into a more fluid and hypnotic sounding construction. Hard to go wrong with either version here.

The lone remix is supplied by John Graham aka Quivver who is returning to Baroque Records for his fourth appearance. The storied UK producer has never wavered over the course of his now 20 plus year career. Quivver’s unmistakeable grooves remain some of the most powerful and effective around. His interpretation of ‘Kolibri’ has once again rocketed up our Hype Charts and is currently sitting at #10. John’s taken all those meticulously processed elements from the original and reinvented them over a tough, techy framework that’s undeniably groovy. The quirky electronic hooks are the star of the show and the continually evolving modulation makes for an exhilarating ride. It’s another sure fire dance floor bomb from John that should be appealing to a broad range of DJs and dance floors out there. A massive release from Baroque and it also serves as a great introduction to Adwer for many electronic music fans. Looking forward to hearing more from this rapidly emerging talent. Highly Recommended.

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