Adwer – This Is My Kingdom (Baroque Records)

Baroque’s latest welcomes Adwer back to the label for his newest single entitled ‘This Is My Kingdom’.


Adam Werderits aka Adwer hails from Hungary but is now based in Colombia. He made his Baroque records debut last year with ‘Kolibri’ which received a remix form the always excellent Quivver. It went down as one of the labels best releases of the year and also set the stage for a run of successful releases to close the year out from Adwer. ‘This Is My Kingdom’ is Adwer’s latest and it comes with remixes from Indepth, Humanate and Kamilo Sanclemente.

Those who enjoyed ‘Kolbri’ marvelled at its unique design qualities and ‘This is my Kingdom’ certainly comes with a similar appeal. An array of dark electronics set a pretty ominous atmosphere early on and once the groove gets fully realized the dance floor sensibility is quite high. It’s got a pumping energy which is nice and the breathy vocal sweeps foreshadow what’s to come. The break builds anticipation with the tweaked lines further tantalizing your senses while the warm chord changes below add a subtle emotion. Catchy hooks lead a strong second half which is full of quick drops and dynamic shifts; it all adds up to a wicked finale and Adwer’s biggest club production to date.

There are three remixes included on the release and they all offer something complementary to the original. Indepth who is returning to Baroque for his 11th appearance has put his own techno inspired twist on the track. I really enjoyed his remix of Stereo For two and the results here are quite exceptional as well. All those great rhythmic elements from Adwer’s original have been reshaped into a late night techno bomb. Backed by a driving groove and a trail of white noise the tension is high throughout. The main break presents a much subtler take on the lead theme which provides some nice emotion all while keeping things cool and understated. Beautiful remix from Indepth.

The second interpretation of ‘This Is My Kingdom’ is provided by Humanate who is making his fourth appearance on Baroque Records. The Hungarian producer last appeared on LuPS Records with his remix of Adwer’s ‘Dulce Armago’ which was released over a year ago now. His grainy, detailed production sound has became a trademark and on his ‘This Is My Kingdom’ interpretation it’s very prevalent again. The grinding groove is full of jagged character while a complement of ominous bass tones and cool effects carry the track nicely. The vocals have been reprocessed for a childlike robotic vibe which is quite unique and the second half is even more engaging than the first. Excellent stuff from Humanate.

The third and final interpretation of ‘This Is My Kingdom’ is provided by Kamilo Sanclemente who is making his first appearance on Baroque Records. The Colombian producer is set for the biggest year of his career with forthcoming releases scheduled on Mistique Music and Perspectives Digital. He’s already made his mark on the progressive house underground with originals and remixes for Soundteller Records and Stellar Fountain. For his ‘This is My Kingdom’ interpretation Kamilo has given the track his own funky, energetic bounce and it proves to be a great complement to the quirky original. it’s smooth rhythmic hooks, airy pads and epic middle section make for a great peak time record and also closes the release out very strong. Beautiful remix from Kamilo and a top notch release from Baroque Records.

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