A+E – Mica (System Recordings)

The newest offering on System Recordings features the debut of A+E to the label. Not only is it the debut of A+E to System Recordings but it’s also the production debut of this new alias in general. A+E’s first EP is entitled ‘Unity’ and it comes with a nice selection of remixes from: Nissim Gavriel, Mitaric and Amezquita. For a first single ‘Mica’ is very impressive, it’s a much more complex production than you might expect. The unique moodiness of the record features a wide array of sounds and themes throughout all of which have very original qualities about them. Fans of John Digweed circa 2002-2004 should absolutely love this as it has that same sort of dark, drifting yet still tough and dance floor worthy vibe. The overall melancholic feel that A+E has achieved here is very unique and the moments of subtle emotion are just the icing on the cake. This is an excellent debut and we hope to hear more from this mysterious new producer very soon.

The first remix comes from Nissim Gavriel who has been a huge contributor to System Recordings of late with this being his third overall appearance. The Israeli producer released his ‘Purple Sky’ on System in February of this year and it’s been one of the labels strongest releases thus far. Nissim’s interpretation of ‘Mica’ takes all those unique themes from the original and twists them into something much more dance floor friendly. The Israeli producer’s tightly constructed groove has never sounded better here and ethereal ambiance that sets the backdrop sounds absolutely sensational. Probably my favourite version on the release and definitely one to set the mood of room nicely.

The second remix is provided by Mitaric who hails from Florida, USA which as I’ve said before is very refreshing. It’s rare to see progressive house producers based in the US these days and Mitaric is one of the best the his country has to offer. The US producer’s breakthrough came with an appearance on 3rd Avenue’s ‘We Are The Future’ Winter 2013 collection which was released just about four months ago. His track ‘By Your Side’ was one of the standout selections and he’s gone on to appear on Reelaux Digital and LuPS Records. This is Mitaric’s third appearance on System and he’s delivered a great interpretation of ‘Mica’. It’s a much smoother and warmer sounding record than the previous two versions so it’s a very welcome addition here as it complements those very well. You’d be hard pressed to find better melodic textures and floaty rhythms than Mitaric has created here. They’re a real pleasure to listen to and definitely standout on this release.

The third and final remix is provided by Amezquita who is making his second appearance on System Recordings. This is probably the deepest and also funkiest version on the release which complements the others quite nicely. Amezquita has stayed true to the main themes from the original and kept the overall vibe dark and moody. With that said though it’s a production that does find some moments of subtle beauty. The melancholic chord changes prove to be quite emotional and the spacey breakdown really shines as well. It closes out the release very strong and it sets up what is going to be a great month of April for System Recordings.

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