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AFFKT releases new EP “Cold Sweat”

Spanish local-hero AFFKT has published “Cold Sweat”, his new EP for Sincopat‘s imprint composed of three stunning original tracks backed by a remix from the increasingly required Mexican artist Theus Mago, who just released a few weeks ago that huge package on Correspondent entitled “Osla”.

“Cold Sweat” contains the perfect sound combination for open-minded dance floor lovers. It’s eclectic, dark, powerful, rockist and groovy. With other words, cuts like “Samorra”, “Llobarro” and “Beetlejuice” deliver mercurial and thrilling sensations to our bodies. Not many emotive synths this time, just a bunch of sharp bass-lines and muscled house-beats. It’s really exciting to find AFFKT with this heavier direction.

All the 4 tracks are anthems for a jammed and demanding underground dance floor. Strength is the key, as well as imaginative use of keyboards and programming. Fluid and turbulent.

“Cold Sweat” is now available; grab your copy here and listen below.


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