Agatha Pher Set To Become A Leading Figure In Melodic Techno

Agatha Pher is someone that’s firmly on our radar and looks set to break new ground in 2019.

Hi Agatha, how did you first get started in the scene?

I adventured into the electronic scene around 10 years ago. I was casually given a midi controller for Christmas when my friends opened a pub and gave me the opportunity to share my music. I haven’t stop since then. 🙂

Who are your musical heroes or the people who most inspire you?

I am inspired by a lot of musical genres, but into electronic music I would say that I admire Recondite, Christian Loffler and Burial.

How would you describe your sound? Is there a philosophy behind the music you play and produce?

My goal is to tell a story through music and always put my soul into my tracks.

Talk to us about your latest release on Feinkost that we premiered and the inspiration behind it.

I would say my latest release, “Bittersweet EP” to be atmospheric, voyager and obscure, inspired on melancholy. I would also like to point out NO GRAVITY’s remix for my track, I am completely amazed by such a special approach these guys gave to the original.

Where are the hot places to play in Barcelona and who are the big names locally? How often are you playing?

One of my favorite clubs in Barcelona is City Hall, down in the centre. I’m playing like once a month at my hometown and love playing here.

Tell us about your DJ setup when you’re performing

I usually play with CDJ’s, i feel very comfortable with them.

What are you goals for the future and do you have any other things planned that you want to share?

Right now I’m looking forward to perform Live. I still need to work a lot and focus in order to reach my goal, but I hope to talk about it in a near future.


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