Ajmal – Last Night On Earth EP (Baroque Digital)

Since his first releases on System Recordings Ajmal has been considered one of India’s top up and coming progressive house talents. Ajmal’s two appearances on Clinique Recordings in 2013 were both standouts where he delivered a great remix of Miraculum and also a two track EP. This week sees his return to Baroque Digital for his second appearance and a brand new EP entitled ‘Last Night On Earth’.

Not only is Ajmal one of India’s top up and comers but after listening to his new EP he’s also very underrated in the progressive house scene. The first track here ‘Hyper’ is a fabulously produced piece of melodic house. The big kicks, dynamic drums and meaty bassline are all pristinely produced and set a great vibe early. Soft vocal pads and glimmering atmospheric sweeps soon trail through the framework as the main melodic elements get introduced. The vibrant lead synths sound again meticulously produced and although there are a lot of bigger sounding elements here they all seem to breathe perfectly. There is a slight nod to the old school here but it’s so perfectly done that it could be played with today’s more streamlined, hypnotic sound. The second cut ‘Clocks’ features the same detailed production but with a bit of a funkier twist. The big, spacious bass stabs carve out a killer groove and the rhythmic tones which appear following the break are absolutely dynamite. Definitely a more groove based production in comparison to ‘Hyper’ and probably even more effective on the dance floor. The third track ‘Limitless’ finds Ajmal drifting a bit closer to progressive trance territory with some soaring melodies and heavenly pads. The vocal loops really standout here with their wonderful texture and high emotional content. They absolutely make the track for me and it’s one of my faves on the EP. The final track ‘Last Night On Earth’ is the standout production here I think. The melodic elements are absolutely gorgeous and really work together perfectly. Ajmal’s warm, chunky groove again provides a great foundation while the heartfelt chord changes and smooth electronic hooks deliver some huge emotional magic. Definitely something I could see Armin Van Buuren or Markus Schulz starting their sets with. Overall it’s a stellar collection from Ajmal and a top shelf release from Baroque Digital with the last two tracks really standing out. Highly Recommended.

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