Albums Come And Go But Quivver’s ReKonstruct Will Be Remembered

A lot has changed in the 8 years since Quivver last released an album…

One thing hasn’t changed is Quivver’s ability to consistently pump out quality tunes. Forever fresh and relevant, for over 20 years, he’s been able to always stay slightly ahead of the curve. Taking inspiration from the new, yet never forgetting what makes a track timeless. ReKonstruct is Quivver at his polished and refined best.

Spread over 13 tracks, ReKonstruct is a collection of his own personal productions, collaborations, remixes and edits with a Continuous Mix thrown in for good measure.

The first feeling you get once immersing yourself within the mix is the intricate details that slowly present themselves. This isn’t your cookie-cutter sample based cut & paste job ladies and gentlemen. This is a production master at work.

Drift Decay and Summer start deep, throbbing bass tones and shuffling rhythms lay a solid foundation and when his remix of Dan Sieg’s – Something’s Not Clicking Right enters the mix it’s all over. I couldn’t help but screw my face up and give a bit of a head bob sitting here listening for the first time. It’s one of those tunes.

From here he just takes you deeper down the rabbit hole. More throbbing bass and intricate drum patterns with subtle melodies sprinkled throughout to contrast from the nastiness of it all. This is my kind of music. Collaborations with D-Formation, Rick Pier O’Neil and Ziger, remixes of Beatamines & David Keno, Khainz and Kaiser Souzai each bring their own certain style and nuance to the mix while overall creating a cohesive and utterly enjoyable dance floor journey.

As someone who has always been championed as one of progressive’s pioneers it’s refreshing and thrilling to hear Quivver continually evolve as an artist. This album is entirely focused on the dance floor and you’ll be hearing these tunes being thrashed from all the heavy hitters in the scene. DJ’s thrashing Quivver’s music? Nothing really new here then.

9 / 10

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