Alexander Saykov – Once (System Recordings)

The latest release on System Recordings features the debut of Alexander Saykov to the label. The Russian producer first came to my attention with his appearance on Stellar Fountain’s WMC Sampler 2014 and has also released on the very fine Festival Lounge imprint. Alexander’s debut single for System is entitled ‘Once’ and it comes with remixes from: Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic and Yuriy From Russia.

I quite like Alexander’s original mix here. It leads the release off with a smooth, effortless vibe that’s got some wonderful hypnotic qualities. The overall groove is quite spacious and really allows the floaty rhythms to breathe which make them all the more satisfying. There are some nice complementary elements as well with the vocal accents and a granular bed of electronics really standing out during the second half. It’s a simple track but quite well done and quite effective for creating atmosphere in a room.

The first remix is provided by Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic who are making their debut on System Recordings. The storied trio have been firm favourites in the electronic music underground for many years. Aside from running their Mistique Music and Kunai Reocrds imprints Michael, Levan and Stiven have showcased their productions on Perspectives Digital, Movement Recordings and Sound Avenue. Their ‘Once’ interpretation has performed very well in our overall Hype Chart and currently sits at #6 and is still climbing. It sees Michael, Levan and Stiven with a huge atmospheric techno interpretation that is my favourite version on the release. The driving rhythms seem to grow infinitely throughout the track and the atmospheric tension follows suit as well. The main break offers a wonderful release though as the glacial lines and trippy vocal elements float in a discernible haze. This perfectly sets up the return of those punishing beats which come with even more ferocity in the second half. I have to say this is one of my favourite MLSR productions of late. It’s not their most complex by any stretch but this is perfect peak time material. Well done guys.

The second and final remix is provided by the man of the moment Yuriy From Russia. The Russian artist has been one of this year’s most prolific and also most consistent producers. Yuriy’s already amassed over 120 releases in 2014 and somehow manages to maintain a great level of quality in his productions. This is Yuriy’s eighth appearance on System and he’s closed the release off with a great interpretation of ‘Once’. It’s one of Yuriy’s meanest sounding productions to date without a doubt. The bass stabs are absolutely menacing and form a very powerful, electrically charged groove which drives the track. The trippy vocal gates and soft pads prove to be the ultimate compliment as well as they conjure up a very surreal atmospheric vibe. The build out of the break is dynamite as well with a huge payoff and storming second half. This whole mix really surprised me to be perfectly honest. I’ve never heard Yuriy go this big and he pulled it off amazingly well. Superb release from System with the two remixes really standing out.

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