Aman Anand – Spiral Utopia EP (Genesis Music)

The latest release on Genesis Music welcomes Aman Anand to the label for his debut EP.

AMAN - Spiral Utopia

The Michael A owned imprint has continued it’s incredible momentum since launching in June of this year. Based in Michael’s home country of Belarus the label has become a showcase for his own productions along with fellow countryman Dmitry Molosh. This week though we see Genesis welcoming Aman Anand to the label with his new two track EP entitled ‘Spiral Utopia’. 

Indian producer Aman has been one of the more interesting artists to follow in recent years. Based in Singapore for a time but now back home in India Aman has always had a mystical air about his productions. Hi past work for Soundteller Records and Golden Wings Music has been sensational and his two latest works are excellent as well. The lead track ‘Spiral Utopia’ is aptly titled with its kaleidoscopic designs and otherworldly flair. These luminous keys work their magic through a variety of unpredictable twists while the deliberate groove keeps the momentum moving forward. The proceedings reach a delicate peak during the second break where a swirl of electronics lift the vibe higher before a wave of percussion summons the beats for a magic moment. Wonderful work from Aman.

The companion piece ‘Call The Disturbance’ comes with a touch more of a techno sensibility. The galloping rhythms seem super charged next to the sparseness of ‘Spiral Utopia’ and a bevy of warped electronics assault your senses as the main break approaches. The intensity only rises here with a story board of modulation reaching a tasteful peak and ultimately setting up a great third act. Two beautiful cuts from Aman Anand and another great signing for Michael A and Genesis Music. 

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