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Analog Jungs – Calm (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection welcomes Analog Jungs to the label for a brand new EP.

Analog Jungs - Calm

The Argentinean duo first appeared on Golden Wings Music alongside Antrim for the collaborative track ‘Anubis’. Now for their Balkan Connection debut Analog Jungs steps up to deliver their first solo originals as part of the ‘Calm’ EP. 

The lead track ‘Calm’ kicks the EP off with a tightly constructed techno framework. The titanium beats and metallic sounding percs are bright and vibrate, ultimately setting the stage for two interwoven motifs, both of which are very nu-deep house sounding. The cascading themes are incredibly compelling and keep your attention locked on and into the break, which allows some wonderful modulation to take centre stage. A reserved re-entry of the beats is a really nice touch and lets the kaleidoscopic mood of the piece reconvene and build to a great conclusion.

The companion piece ‘My Fears’ finds Analog Jungs crafting a contemporary progressive creation led by a strong vocal element and a variety of clustered key motifs. There’s a vortex-like appeal with it that’s quite nice but ultimately it’s the vocals, particularly during the main break, which really open the space up a lot. A foundation of smooth chord changes adds much warm to the starker beats and colder keys making for a really nice contrast throughout. Two top notch tunes from Analog Jungs especially considering these are their solo debuts. Looking forward to hearing more.

The first interpretation of ‘Calm’ is provided by Donatello who is making his first appearance on Balkan Connection. Following releases on Stripped Recordings and 1605, the Lithuanian producer was announced as one of the winners in the Sasha Burn Studios remix competition. It was a huge moment in Donatello’s career which led to two releases on Last Night on Earth. More recently Donatello has found a home on Click Records and Spring Tube where his ultra polished club grooves continue to find their way into a broad range of DJ sets. For his ‘Calm’ interpretation Donatello has taken the melodic techno sensibility of the original and put a deeper more modern twist on it. A chunkier groove and layers of bass tones lead the way with some warped modulation keeping them quite fresh throughout. The vocal hook sounds fabulous worked in with that cascading motif as well, particularly during the main break which is quite magical. Top notch remix from Donatello.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Calm’ is provided by Santiago Garcia who is making his 34th appearance on Balkan Connection. The Argentinean producer and Baires Records label boss is fresh of an appearance on Toolroom Live, released just last week and also has 2015 outings on Proton Music and Sudam Records. For his ‘Calm’ interpretation Santiago has gone deeper and dubbier with great results. Anchored by a tough, electric sounding groove there’s a great club vibe emanating from this one right away. As the piece builds spaced out designs and vocals converge for a monumentally trippy moment, which carries the track into the break. Here the main lead is teased just a bit, with the psychedelic surroundings adding just the right amount of drama for a great conclusion. Superb interpretation from Santi. 

The lone interpretation of ‘My Tears’ is provided by Antrim who is making his seventh appearance on Balkan Connection. Also hailing from Argentina, Antrim just released his ‘Road To The Utopian’ EP on the Serbian imprint earlier this month. Antrim has gone a touch deeper and darker for his ‘My Tears’ interpretation which closes the release out very strong. Dominated by a murky, acidic rhythm the piece builds with heavily processed vocal snips and a grandiose synth lead. The scattered percussion adds a lot and one, lonely sounding pad in the third act enhances the mood just enough for a thought provoking finale. Great stuff from Antrim and an excellent release from Balkan Connection and Analog Jungs. Don’t miss it.

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