Andre Sobota – Fallout / Southern Sundance (Kyubu Records)

Andre Sobota returns to Kyubu Records for the labels fifth release and his first EP entitled ‘Fallout / Southern Sundance’.

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If you asked a cross section of progressive house fans who their favourite producers are the name Andre Sobota would most likely come up more often than not. 2014 has been a string of remix hits for the Brazilian producer with his interpretations of Darin Epsilon, Grum and Tilt really standing out. It wasn’t until just last week that we got some new original material on Trident Music and this week sees more courtesy of Kyubu Records who present two fresh original productions entitled ‘Fallout’ and ‘Southern Sundance’.

The lead track on the EP ‘Fallout’ is first up and it’s likely one of the most deeply emotional creations of Andre’s career. It’s slow burning tension continually builds as waves of percussion and shifting tones steer the track towards the main break. The brief interlude allows you to drop your guard just for a moment as a soft hypnotic underbelly puts you in a mesmerized state. The warm rolling groove soon returns though and the fuzzy melancholic tones and shifty harmonics further tantalize your senses during an intense second half finale. Having already received radio play from Hernan Cattaneo and Gabriel and Dresden this looks to be one of Andre’s most sought after productions all year. Don’t miss it.

The companion piece ‘Southern Sundance’ proves to be a great complement to the brooding ‘Fallout’. Sweeping vocal pads, blissful harmonics and a rolling hypnotic rhythm all charged with positive vibes make for one of Andre’s feel good productions of the year. It puts a perfect cap on an EP which showcases a producer that’s still very much at the top of his game and his rabid fan base surely agrees as they’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of this one for quite some time. Go get it.

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