Andre Sobota – Futura EP (Konstrukt)

The second audio installment on Konstrukt is here. 002 is produced and delivered by Brazilian electronic dance music genius and fellow country man Andre Sobota. “Futura EP” is defined to us as one of Andre’s best works to date.

In an interview about Andre’s process of creation for “Futura/Paulista” he mentioned that “Paulista” reminds him of the architecture in the everyday life of people walking on São Paulo’s most precious and famous avenue, the Avenida Paulista. “Paulista” has an enigmatic synth structure that produces a very wacky and trippy melody line, which is very thoughtful, creative, calm and easy on the ears. “Futura” on the other hand, takes you on a totally different journey; melodic, pulsating techno. It destroys the sound limits to emotions and goosebumps as it progresses and grows. It is pure “dance and wonder”. Simply put, it is a banging emotional tune for the floor.

Two of the most amazing productions from a mind whose passion for music is based on becoming a better producer and artist on a daily basis from his studio in São Paulo. ”Futura/Paulista” captures and takes you away! Melodica that heals and transforms the body, soul and heart. We are proud to bring forth Andre’s signature sound, his tripped out melodies and detailed instrumentation, making this release truly thoughtful and inspiring.

Let it be known amongst you, there is a new era of quality and real musicality on the rise in our electronic music industry. Andre Sobota is truly representing this statement. Release Promo Hype Chart #6

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