Andre Volodin – Haldex (Balkan Connection)

Balkan Connection returns this week with their 224th overall release. The label has been on a very impressive streak with quality productions coming from: Pedro Aguiar, Luis Bondio, Matias Chilano, Uvo, Josh Abrams, Exoplanet, Tash, Jelly For The Babies and Ewan Rill all in the last 2 weeks! This week sees the return of Andre Volodin to the label for his 5th overall appearance. Andre’s runs the Green House imprint which has an impressive discography of 43 releases that includes productions from Ewan Rill, Li-Polymer, Jelly For The Babies, Poison Pro, Santiago Garcia, Exoplanet, Faskil and more. Andre’s newest single for Balkan Connection is entitled ‘Haldex’ which includes remixes from: Human8 and Beat Factory.

Andre’s ‘Halodex’ original leads the package off with a very club friendly framework that’s full of lovely electronic intricacies. The introduction of a warped bass line adds some great character to the mix and a killer groove is formed. Dark overtones combined with haunting atmospherics carry the track through to the main drop. Here a series of quirky electronic tones adds some sensory stimulation which proves to be a great transition back to the warped and dance floor friendly groove which closes the track out very strong. Great stuff from Andre.

The first remix is provided by Human8 who is making his debut appearance on Balkan Connection here. Levente Szabo aka Human8 hails from Hungary and has been delivering great progressive house productions since 2008 when he first debuted on Soundtribe and Morphosis. Here Human8 has provided a great club rework of Haldex’ which comes with a nice bouncy bass line and lots of catchy electronic hooks. The melodic elements which Human8 has added really standout here as they’ve added a great emotional element that proves to be an ideal complement to the original.

The final remix on the package comes from Beat Factory who are also making their first appearance on Balkan Connection. Adel ‘BiG AL’ Ghandour and Levente ‘Human8’ Szabo make up the Beat Factory production moniker and have over 120 releases over the course of their career which dates back to 2009. The duo have been regular contributors to labels like Baroque, Nueva, AlterImage and Big Al’s own Ready Mix imprint. Their ‘Haldex’ remix provides a deeper more tech house oriented take on the track which once again complements the original really well. Deep pulsating bass tones make up the foundation while some fresh sounding claps and a wealth of additional drums elements lock down a wicked groove. Smooth rhythmic tones add mightily to the groove and accent the swing just perfectly as the tracks flows through a smooth climax that’s going to be perfect for all the contemporary dance floors out there. Another great release form Balkan Connection! Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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