Andrea Cassino – De Los Alpes a Los Andes (Soundteller Records)

Andrea Cassino returns to Deersky’s Soundteller Records for perhaps the most anticipated single of his this year.

Andrea Cassino - De Los Alpes a Los Andes

The Italian born, now Argentina based producer began his career being one half of the Cassino and Laben duo who ruled the underground six or so years ago. His solo project and also Nocturna project with Danny Lloyd have been on fire ever since. Appearances on Sudbeat Music and Lapsus Music have all been hugely impressive and now he delivers the much hyped ‘De Los Alpes a Los Andes’ alongside remixes from Pole Folder and Simos Tagias.

For those unfamiliar with ‘De Los Alpes a Los Andes’ it’s been building hype in the underground for over 10 months. Plays from Hernan Cattaneo have had electronic music fans searching for the track ever since and at long last the soulful , percussive journey is available to purchase. Anchored by one of Andrea’s strongest and most club friendly grooves to date there’s a good feeling building deep inside this one from the outset. It’s well carved bass tones carry immense bounce and interwoven layers of indistinct vocal edits carry a lovely hypnotic cadence. An array of granular electronics dazzle the senses during the main break before a smooth rhythmic energy builds to a classy apex, and ultimately leads the track into a floaty yet downright groovy third act. It may have been sitting for a while but this sounds super fresh, one of Andrea’s best no doubt.

The first interpretation of ‘De Los Alpes a Los Andes’ is provided by Pole Folder who is making his first appearance on Soundteller Records. The Belgian producer rose to electronic music stardom in 2001 when a string of productions including ‘Apollo Vibes’ and ‘Dust’ were signed to John Digweed’s Bedrock Records. The label then commissioned Pole Folder to record his first studio album entitled ‘Zero Gold’ which was released in 2004. Further productions for Frisky Records, Proton and Baroque solidified the Belgian producers place amongst the electronic music elite. More recently Pole Folder has mixed Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeats Volume 2 collection and also remixed Baunder (also for Sudbeat). For his ‘De Los Alpes a Los Andes’ Pole Folder has gone deeper and mystical with great results. There are few better than the Belgian artist at building a deeply, engaging and totally captivating atmospheric storyboard, but this a perfect example of one here. The subtle emotion which grows from the warm bass swells and indistinct melodies carries the track into the break. It’s one of many highlights and the reworked acid and shimmering hats sound absolutely fabulous before they dissipate and reveal a stripped down portion of the groove which absolutely makes the second act of the track. Just fantastic music from Pole Folder.

The second and final interpretation of ‘De Los Alpes a Los Andes’ is provided by Simos Tagias who is making his sixth appearance on Soundteller Records. The Greek producer is fresh off an amazing remix of Monojoke’s ‘A Better Place’ and his ‘Exist collaboration with Jorgio Kioris has turned out to be one of the summer’s best progressive house records. Other 2015 highlights include appearances on Dopamine Music and Intemporal Music. Simos’ groovy style is perfect for all the new school progressive DJs out there with Hernan Cattaneo and Cid Inc being two of his biggest supporters. For his ‘De Los Alpes a Los Andes’ interpretation Simos goes even deeper and more atmospheric which proves to be a great complement to the previous two versions. The immeasurable funk from the original is well conveyed in the reconstructed groove and it cuts through Simos’ druggy, textural haze quite nicely. Hooky acid stabs and a wave of shimmering atmosphere continues to build as the track progresses. An emotional pad initiates the main break, where the drummy groove stays well intact and keeps that cool, laid back energy flowing before the heavenly mist fully surrounds you. A restrained third act maintains the great vibe and keeps it from going too big, which ultimately closes the release out with a great feeling. Three outstanding cuts here and one of the best Soundteller Records releases to date. Highly Recommended.

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