Andres W – Monstrous (Soulfire Downloads)

Soulfire Downloads returns this week and celebrates its 50th release by welcoming Andres W to the label for a new single. 

Andres W - Monstrous

Andres Wolovich aka Andres W hails from Argentina has had quite a run of releases this year on Stellar Fountain, Electronic Tree and Clinique Recordings. Here he steps up to commemorate Soulfire Download’s 50th release with his latest single entitled ‘Monstrous’, alongside remixes from Lonya and Matias Chilano. 

When a label celebrates a momentous occasion like a 50th release you generally expect something special and Andres has delivered a track to make the occasion a memorable one. Appropriately titled ‘Monstrous’ the piece builds with an effortless flow of texture and melody. A strong rhythmic component combined with a barrage of claps and chunky bass tones carves out a killer groove, one which carries the track to a relatively brief and gorgeously serene break. Before long those dubby hooks and distorted motifs fill the air and pull together for an unforgettable climax, one which should raise a few goosebumps on your dance floor. Superb work from Andres and perhaps his best to date. 

The first interpretation of ‘Monstrous’ is provided by Lonya who is making his first appearance on Soulfire Downloads. The Israeli based artist just celebrated the 100th release on his Asymmetric Recordings imprint and also has 2015 appearances on Sudbeat Music and Parquet recordings. Lonya’s got some versatile studio chops and it certainly shows on his ‘Monstrous’ interpretation. In going with a more contemporary techno approach, the melodious creation is full of wonderful quirks and clever motifs. Luminous bells and kaleidoscopic keys carry the punchy groove into the break where a series of atmospheric waves brings the beats back for a stripped down second act. Reconvening around the growling groove, the sparkling elements fulfill the emotional content most progressive fans are looking for but in a much more contemporary manner. Great remix from Lonya and my favourite on the release. Don’t miss this one.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Monstrous’ is provided by Matias Chilano who is making his second appearance on Soulfire Downloads. The Argentinean producer made his debut on the Australian label in August of 2013 with his original ‘Inestable’, which also received the remix treatment from label boss Soulfire. For his ‘Monstrous’ interpretation Matias has gone a bit deeper, funkier and trippier with great results. It’s acidic rhythms flow through a myriad of modulation along the way while a haunting harmonic refrain delights the senses, particularly during the main break. The strength of the groove is what really shines though, those plucky bass tones cut through that hazy atmosphere remarkably well and make for a funk fuelled journey into spacey sounds. Wonderful work from Matias which rounds out a hugely successful 50th release for Soulfire Downloads. Don’t miss it.

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