Andrew McDonnell – Patience Of Envy (Sound Avenue)

Toronto based DJ/producer Andrew McDonnell has not only been making his mark in the cities now burgeoning progressive house club scene but also globally with his meticulous studio productions. When he’s not sharing the decks with Guy J, Quivver or Eelke Kleijn Andrew is busy in his studio crafted fresh tech house creations for Asymmetric, Baires, Tulipa and Particles. Andrew’s debut appearance on Sound Avenue was with ‘Patience Of Envy’ which appeared on the labels ‘Summer Sampler’ compilation released in June. It was a deep and enchanting record that was rich in both atmosphere and groove. It’s relentless hypnotic energy made it an absolute bomb on the underground floors over the summer club season. The 26th release on Sound Avenue now sees ‘Patience Of Envy’ getting its full release with new remixes from Navar and Sound Process.

One of the most hyped producers of 2013 has undoubtedly been Navar. The fast rising Dutch producer who has been heavily favoured by Guy J is quickly becoming one of his country’s hottest electronic music exports. With a knack for creating enchanting melodies and character drenched electronic soundscapes Navar is without a doubt one of the most in demand new producers of the moment. For his ‘Patience Of Envy’ interpretation Navar has taken the wicked atmospheric club vibes of Andrew’s original and crafted a percussive groover that absolutely rocks. The track builds immensely with mesmerizing energy, growing atmospheric swells and a backdrop of hypnotic haze which drives the track effortlessly to the main drop. The washed out breakdown slowly morphs its way into a newly created melodic theme which is both inspirational and alluring. The epic conclusion is irresistible with a rush of hazy atmospheres and hook-heavy harmonic refrains which dominate the exhilarating finish. Navar has also crafted a second interpretation of ‘Patience Of Envy’ which complements his expansive first version very well. The Dutch producer has coined the second version ‘Inside-Out’ and it is certainly seasoned with atmosphere. A much deeper, subterranean sound groove sits at the foundation while a washed out array of soulful electronics soon surround the framework. The heavy haze which dominates the drop is sure to create many great moments in the more clued up rooms out there and the additional bass stabs add wonderfully to the groove over the second half.

The second and final remix is provided by Sound Process who is returning to Sound Avenue for his sixth appearance. Buenos Aires based Juan Goya aka Sound Process is a producer that always chooses his projects wisely it seems. A long time favourite of Hernan Cattaneo Juan has the perfect amount of studio output to leave his fans wanting more. His take on ‘Patience Of Envy’ has turned out exceptional well; in staying true to the main theme of the record Juan has crafted a spacious deeper sounding rework that’s full of wonderful atmospheric qualities. The warm, rumbling groove and soft stabs set a headstrong vibe early while the building rhythms play off each other for a suitably restrained climax through the records second half. Release Promo Hype Chart #4

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