Andy Arias – Right & Straight (Dopamine Music)

Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music returns for their 23rd overall release and with that comes the debut of Andy Arias to the label. Andy has been a fixture of the incredibly deep Argentinean scene for several years now. Key appearances on Sound Avenue, Baires Records, Stripped Digital and Wide Angle Recordings highlight Andy’s discography and many of his productions feature on Hernan Cattaneo’s hugely popular Resident Delta FM radioshow. Andy’s debut EP for Dopamine Music is entitled ‘Right & Straight’ and it comes with three brand new original productions.

The lead track ‘Right & Straight’ finds Andy laying down a dark and chunky groove at the outset. Grainy electronics, sinister sweeps and distorted vocal elements cast a very ominous tone as the track begins to take shape. As the kick drops out for a brief moment the introduction of a lead rhythm soon fades to the forefront and the dark mood is momentarily transformed into something much more uplifting. This carries the piece to a tension filled drop complete with an intense build and massive payoff that features a wealth of swirling atmospherics and spacey electronics. It’s a magical dance floor moment waiting to happen and it might just be the crowning achievement of Andy’s career thus far. The second composition ‘Soft Control’ is next and continues with the heavy nature of the EP. Andy has crafted a much more experimental production with a stripped back groove and challenging electronic sequences which build tension nicely throughout. The gyrating rhythms slowly evolve with the hypnotic groove and by the tracks midway point the quirky lines are rocking to say the least. A crashing wall of white noise brings the piece to an intense culmination which is sure to be a memorable moment on your dance floor. The third and final track ‘Render It’ begins with more of Andy’s trademark tough and grainy style. A dynamic kick, low slung bass stabs, alien-like electronics and unique vocal hooks all combine for a floor rocking groove which seemingly grows with each passing loop. As the energy builds to epic proportions Andy reaches far into his bag of processing genius as long, twisted sheets of wonderful noise slowly encompass the framework. It’s a massive moment in the track which sets up the more stripped down middle section perfectly. Here the funkiness of the track really comes to light with the bass tones becoming much more prominent and providing a wicked groove to close the track out.

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