ANEW debuts some analogue techno on their self-titled label.

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ANEW Records is a techno label with deep roots taking influence from the twisted and hypnotic rhythms created by producers such as Oscar Mulero, Function, Exium, DVS1 and Kwartz.

The label’s sound focuses on raw grooves with mechanical percussion and analogue textures, combining to create dark tracks shrouded in shadowy atmosphere.

Spacious productions utilising clinical sound design, this is a new project where the label owners want to focus on music quality, rather than their previous achievements in the music industry.

This debut release is a track by ANEW who is making their debut release using this artist moniker, and it’s an abstract, trippy, analogue affair with a hypnotic lead synth layered alongside thrashing percussion and morphing acid tones.

You can pre-order a copy from HERE


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