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Anthony Yarranton – Defy Everything (Movement Recordings)

Movement Recordings moves into the summer season with their 73rd overall release and another great artist debut on the label. Anthony Yarranton first came to our attention with his initial studio productions that came courtesy of Baroque Records and Hyline Music. Earning support from Paul Oakenfold, Dave Seaman and Flash Brothers Anthony’s production career got kick started early on and has continued to flourish. Subsequent releases on Armada, Axon, Lowbit, Stripped and Vapour solidified Anthony’s place amongst the progressive house elite and he continues to push his unique DJ style on iheartradio, Frisky and Proton. Anthony’s recent EP on Nikko Z’s Dopamine Music showcased a deeper sound which shows the UK producers studio growth over the last year. For Movement`s 73rd overall release we see Anthony with his first EP for the label entitled ‘Defy Everything’ which comes with a remix from Scotty.A and also a fresh collaboration with Greek producer Pete McCarthey.

Anthony’s ‘Defy Everything’ original gets the EP underway with a meaty groove and flickering hypnotic lines. The spacious framework carries some serious low end funk that’s going to bring a real presence to the floor. A pair of offset stabs and vibrant drums add some wicked rhythm and further the groove as the composition builds momentum towards the heart of the record. As the track strips itself down the flickering hypnotics cast a surreal mood over the piece which carries some poignant anticipation with it. The introduction of an attention grabbing vocal sample generates not only some great tension but a damn cool vibe as well. As the undulating rhythms slowly build back up the gleaming backdrop follows suit as well resulting in a tasteful climax that certainly goes down as one of Anthony’s best.

The lone remix of ‘Defy Everything’ comes from Scotty.A who is making his debut on Movement Recordings . Scotty has just come off a great appearance on DAR Digital’s ‘Showcase 001’ compilation which is still doing quite well in the Beatport charts. Scotty’s deep and mesmerizing sound continues to be a favourite of both Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren who began championing his productions well over a year ago now. For Scotty’s ‘Defy Everything’ interpretation the UK producer has once again cast a marvellous shimmering haze over the proceedings which is just a pleasure to listen to. Irresistible electronics hooks, deep impact filled bass lines and sheets of washed out atmosphere create a truly surreal environment as the track builds. With the hypnotic momentum already sky high a set of dynamic stabs delivers an added bit of intensity which is sure to push your dance floor over the edge as the track reaches an exhilarating apex. Huge stuff from Scotty.

The final track on the EP sees Anthony teaming up with Pete McCarthey for a great collaborative piece entitled: Techastreisand. Pete’s musical journey started in spectacular fashion by winning (alongside fellow Greek producer Kassey Voorn) the Guy Gerber -‘Timing’ remix competition for the legendary techno label Cocoon. Pete carried that momentum and had an amazing year in 2012 with big productions on: Baires, Mirabilis, Vapour and Proton. Add to that a few key remixes for Dopamine and Proton to start off 2013 and all indications are that things are heading in a great direction for Pete. Together Anthony and Pete have a crafted an atmospheric tech house bomb in the form of ‘Techastreisand’. Filled with pulsating rhythms, gyrating synths, swirling atmospheres and driving drums this is a peak time construction that is destined for dance floor greatness. Release Promo Hype Chart #1

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