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Anthony Yarranton – Winning Them Back (Golden Wings Music)

The latest release on Golden Wings Music welcomes Anthony Yarranton to the label for his debut EP.

Anthony Yarranton - Winning Them Back

The UK producer has continued his strong production ways this year with a good portion of his output being released on Axon Records where he has certainly found a comfortable home. Releases on Asymmetric Recordings, Dopamine Music and Sound Avenue have highlighted the year’s third quarter though and now with 2015 winding to a close Anthony makes his long awaited Golden Wings debut with ‘Winning Them Back’.

Those who have followed Anthony’s career for many years saw a distinctive shift in styles, from more traditional progressive house to deeper, dubbier creations. The EP’s lead track ‘Subject 17’ sees Anthony not exactly returning to his roots but there’s definitely a bit more bounce and drive than some of his late night productions. The galloping groove immediately stands out, with its rippling waves of bass and undulating character. As the piece builds a smooth atmospheric storyboard gradually sucks you in and ultimately initiates the main break. After a dramatic atmospheric transition, spoken word vocal samples summon a more distinctive motif, which albeit brief peaks the senses just enough for a dramatic return of the groove. The vocals and misty melodic accents find their place during the tracks finale but ultimately Anthony really keeps the focus on his strong groove. A great start to the EP.

The companion piece and also title cut ‘Winning Them Back’ begins with a bit more of a techno sensibility. Punchy beats, spaced out designs and a light atmospheric haze create a lovely mood before the rhythmic structure begins to take shape. Clusters of drums and trailing effects pierce the air as the momentum builds. The top end pads have a distinct melancholic sense which carries the track into the break, where some spacey sweeps and vocal pads make for a subtle but heavenly moment. Anthony doesn’t get too carried away with it though as it all washes out when the beats make a quick return propelling the track to a great conclusion. Two very strong cuts from Anthony which make for an excellent Golden Wings Music debut. Don’t miss it.

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