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Anton Dhouran – Shutter (MNL)

The latest release on Paul Hazendonk’s MNL imprint welcomes Anton Dhouran back to the label for a brand new EP.

Anton Dhouran - Shutter

In addition to appearing on the Manual Music offshoot two previous times the French artist has also been showcased on Diynamic and Chapter 24. Now he presents his latest two track EP entitled ‘Shutter’ alongside a remix from Matthus Raman. 

I’ve loved Anton’s work for a while now, there’s a contemporary melodic charm about it and ‘Shutter’ exemplifies that once again. From its smooth, hypnotic beginnings to melancholic motifs and clever beat layering, it’s a delight both for your mind and feet. There’s a slow building appeal about it and some distinctive vocal samples make for a great message just prior to the main break. A more rhythmic and percussive third act ups the vibe just a touch for the dance floor while the trailing hypnotics continue to dazzle the mind while the vocal narrative takes you home. Beautiful work from Anton.

The lone interpretation of ‘Shutter’ is provided by Matthus Raman who is making his first appearance on the label. Perhaps best known for his EP on Musik Gewinnt Freunde from May of last year, the French artist lends his exquisite studio skills to ‘Shutter’ for a dubbed out excursion into atmospheric techno. Percussive waves, solemn synths and a glimmering back drop converge for the ultimate sonic collage, while a foundation of tough, punchy beats keeps the proceedings firmly on the dance floor. Wonderful remix from Matthus.


The companion piece ‘Marla’ finds Anton collaborating with 238W artist Sonderzug for an absolutely stunning production. Emotive motifs combined with an underbelly of warm chord changes makes for many amazing moments along the way, none more so than a poignant third act finale of breathy vocals, preceding those gorgeous and moderately wonky keys. Such a beautiful track and what a way to end the EP. A great release from Paul Hazendonk’s MNL and one of my faves on the label this year. Highly Recommended.


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