Anton MAKe – Immortal (Genesis Music)

The eighth release on Genesis Music welcomes Anton MAKe to the label for his debut single.

Anton MAKe - Immortal (Genesis Music)

The Russian producer began his career in 2011 with a string of releases on Mistique Music and OLD SQL Recordings. Equally adept at crafting progressive house or melodic breaks Anton quickly found his place in the underground and has since added Magic Room, Stellar Fountain and Suffused Music to his discography. Now Anton presents his first single for Genesis alongside a remix from label boss Michael A.

Of late Anton has been exploring a deeper more contemporary progressive sound and that’s exactly what we get on ‘Immortal’. It’s an enchanting journey told over nearly nine minutes of lush textures and wispy motifs, all backed by a very groovy foundation. The trailing effects and hypno harmonies build subtly over the first act, and come to a glistening simmer during the break. It’s a beautiful crafted interlude and it sets up a third act with new found vocal elements which really work nicely in their spellbinding surroundings. Wonderful work from Anton.

The lone remix of ‘Immortal’ is provided by Michael A who is making his 7th appearance on his home imprint. The Belarus based producer has been one of this year’s most inspired artists. Over a seemingly short three years Michael has grown into a favourite of both Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J who routinely play and chart his productions. For his ‘Immortal’ interpretation Michael has gone deep and smooth with great results. Those strong rhythmic elements from the original have a new dubbier quality here and glacial lines surrounding them add wonderful swing. Michael’s morphing of the vocal elements into something even more indistinct and instrumental has added depth and beauty, which preludes a gloriously spaced out mini-break and ultimately an exhilarating finish. Beautiful remix from Michael and another excellent offering form his Genesis Music imprint.

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