Antrim & Claudio Cornejo – Kalahari (Balkan Connection)

The 312th release on Balkan Connection features a brand new single from Antrim & Claudio Cornejo.

Antrim & Claudio Cornejo - Kalahari

The Argentinean pair are frequent studio partners and have appeared together on Dopamine Music and Soulfire Downloads. Their new single for Balkan Connection is entitled ‘Kalahari’ and it comes with remixes from Nicholas Van Orton and MiraculuM.

Antrim & Claudio’s recent collaboration for Dopamine Music ‘I See’ showcased a deeper, soulful sound and ‘Kalahari’ follows a similar suit. It’s spacious framework is ground with a tough kick and gives the track a big presence even with its relatively stripped back structure. As the energy builds the groove is met with big sonic sweeps, powerful bass stabs and a meditative main theme which carries the track to the break. Here we have a moment of tranquilly as a backdrop of lovely synth textures dazzles the senses before a smooth and subtle build brings the big beats back for a smashing re-entry. As the third act begins the groove is completely stripped and the reappearance of those sultry, contemplative themes is really special. Subtle but massively brilliant. Great stuff form Antrim and Claudio.

The first interpretation of ‘Kalahari’ is supplied by Nicholas Van Orton who is making his 56th appearance on Balkan Connection. As most progressive house fans know Nicholas runs the South America division of Balkan Connection and has an extensive discography that includes releases on Baroque Records, System Recordings and Movement Recordings. For his ‘Kalahari’ interpretation Nicholas has added a more percussive and esoteric vibe which has worked wonders on the already excellent original. The vocal parts have been transformed into something much more alien-like and a new twist on the soulful hooks proves to be quite captivating. Hernan Cattaneo has already featured the remix on his Resident Podcast so you know it’s one not to miss. Excellent work from Nicholas.

The second and final interpretation of Kalahari’ is provided by MiraculuM who is making his eighth appearance on Balkan Connection. You can always count on the Hungarian producer (and Stellar Fountain Records owner) to be a little left of centre and to be consistently excellent doing it. MiraculuM’s remixes generally offer a radical reinvention which always makes for a great addition to any project. His interpretation of ‘Kalahari’ offers a much deeper, more introspective and spacier twist on the original. Uniquely textured beats, chains of kaleidoscopic keys and soulful harmonies run through the first half and build some incredible energy. This sets up a serene breakdown which flows through a variety of bubbly textures and blissful soundscapes. The eventual payoff is met with a charged re-entry and an emotional conclusion which is the biggest on the release. Awesome stuff from MiraculuM and another great offering from Balkan Connection. Don’t miss it.

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