Antrim – Float Divine (System Recordings)

Antrim returns to System Recordings this week for a new single alongside remixes from Graziano Raffa, Some Little Things, Namatjira and Crazy Fluke.

Antrim - Float Divine (System Recordings)

The Argentinean producer has certainly found a home on the long standing US imprint. His newest offering ‘Float Divine’ marks his 5th appearance and it follows a long line of great productions for Classound Recordings, Golden Wings Music and Stripped.

The release begins with Antrim’s original and his inimitable style shines through once again. Anchored by a timeless progressive groove it’s the Argentine’s melodic motifs which once again set this production apart. As several subtle themes slowly get intertwined, indistinct vocal elements and spacey designs lift the production to the heavens. If you love that timeless melodic feel there are a bevy of goosebump moments waiting for you here, culminating with a luminous break that’s sounds tailor made for a sunrise set. Lovely work from Antrim.

The first interpretation of ‘Float Divine’ is provided by Graziano Raffa who is making his first appearance on System Recordings. The Sudbeat label boss has never prescribed to the volume based production approach that so many producers (and labels) have in recent years. It makes each and every production that comes out of his studio highly anticipated and this one is no different. For anyone that’s heard Graziano’s recent work you know he brings something unique and special to each project and he’s done that here once again. This is a radical reinvent which ultimately takes you on a journey into the dark depths of progressive techno. The melodic elements have been discarded for subversive hypnotics, wonky tones and a grungy underbelly which provides massive drive to the track. What makes this special for me is how the grinding energy sucks you in and the smallest of elements begin to sound absolutely massive. You can tell Graziano has logged a significant amount of time in clubs and behind the decks over his years and it’s all coming to light in productions like this. Wonderful stuff.

The second interpretation of ‘Float Divine’ is provided by Some Little Things who are making their first appearance on System Recordings. Leandro Moyano & Matias Medina hail from Argentina and make up the Some Little Things production team. The duo made huge waves earlier this year they appeared on Dopamine Music and Hope Recordings. Their contemporary progressive sound has become a favourite of Nick Warren and they’ve turned in another excellent production here, which is also their first ever (released) remix. Keeping things deep and tripped out Some Little Things have carried the melodic themes from the original but in a much more indistinct way. Thematic sweeps make for some big moments throughout while little vocal stabs and gated effects complement the brooding framework nicely. Great stuff from Some Little Things.

The third interpretation of ‘Float Divine’ is provided by Namatjira who is making his first appearance on System Recordings. The Dutch producer is on the cusp of releasing this debut album (courtesy 3rd Avenue) with the first single from it just dropped last week. For his ‘Float Divine’ interpretation Namatjira has reinvented the main parts from the original over one of his fluid, energetic grooves that’s sure to bring life to your dance floor. Strong percussive elements and rolling rhythms lift the dreamy motifs into something a touch more poppy, while a bevy of unpredictable design keeps the framework fresh. The main break expands nicely on Antrim’s motif’s with adding some ethereal layering which works wonderfully, and goes one step further in the third act for an exhilarating finish. Beautiful remix from Namatjira who continues to impress as his album approaches.

The fourth and final interpretation of ‘Float Divine’ is provided by Crazy Fluke who is returning to System for his fifth appearance. The UK producer is fresh off the release of his ‘Genetic Diversity’ EP just last month and also has 2015 releases on AMAdea and Dansant. For his ‘Float Divine’ interpretation Crazy Fluke has brought a more progressive trance inspired feel which complements the other versions here quite nicely. Smooth lines, energetic grooves and some well timed builds make for an eventful journey which rounds out this remix heavy release in fine style. Another great offering from System Recordings where everyone involved turned in some of their career best work. Don’t miss it.

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