Antrim & Luis Bondio – Hope On The Moon (Classound Recordings)

The latest release on Classound Recordings finds label boss Luis Bondio and sometime studio partner Antrim with a new single.

Luis Bondio & Antrim

The formidable duo last appeared together with their remix of Marcelo Vasami’s ‘City Reflections’ released in April of this year, also on Classound. The newest sonic delight to come from the minds of Antrim and Luis is entitled ‘Hope On The Moon’ which includes remixes from Andrea Cassino and Nick Varon.

The release gets underway with the original mix and shows once again how great Antrim and Luis are at creating uniquely themed records. Anchored by a tough kick and a rough, driving groove it’s strikes a menacing presence right away. Cutting edge sonics and quirky hooks build some wonderful intensity all though the first act before a haunting lead theme carries the track into the break. Here a flurry of beats, drums and swirling noise builds some wicked tension before the return of groove delivers a powerful conclusion, with the haunting theme leading the way. Beautiful work from Luis and Antrim once again.

The first interpretation of ‘Hope On The Moon’ is provided by Andrea Cassino who is making his first appearance on Classound Recordings. The Italian born, now Argentina based producer began his career being one half of the Cassino and Laben duo who ruled the underground six or so years ago. His solo project and also Nocturna project with Danny Lloyd have been on fire ever since. Appearances on Sudbeat Music, Lapsus Music and Soundteller Records have all been hugely impressive and it’s great to see him turn in an excellent remix here once again. Andrea’s more tech house inspired take complements the progressive styled original really well, with a late night hypnotic sensibility leading the charge. Waves of well textured synths, catchy hooks and a shimmering atmospheric haze make for a powerful first half, before a brief and well constructed break preludes and even more riveting conclusion. Amazing remix from Andrea who never seems to disappoint.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Hope On The Moon’ is provided by Nick Varon who is also making his first appearance on Classound. It’s been a great year for Nick with the recent release of his ‘Dazzling’ EP courtesy of Lonya’s Asymmetric Recordings and also a collaboration (Northern Tales released courtesy The Last Of Us) with dPen which received a remix from Hernan Cattaneo and Soundexile. For his ‘Hope On The Moon’ interpretation Nick has gone with a more minimalistic approach and it sits nicely against the two previous versions. Wonderfully layered beats, swing heavy rhythms and a cool collection of effects and vocal elements take the track into the break. Here, with rhythms still intact a haunting build comes on with a sheet of noise eventually revealing the groove with that one extra element that’s sure to generate a massive reaction from an educated dance floor. Awesome remix from Nick which rounds out an excellent release on Classound Recordings once again. Don’t miss it.

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