Antrim – Or Two Strangers (Or Two Strangers)

The much anticipated first release on Or Two Strangers finds label boss Antrim stepping into the spotlight with a brand new single.

Antrim - Or Two Strangers (Or Two Strangers)

Hailing from Argentina, Guille Cornejo aka Antrim would have to be considered a veteran of his country’s burgeoning progressive house underground. The long time Hernan Cattaneo favourite has seen his music showcased on ICONYC (formerly 238W), Asymmetric Recordings and Perspectives Digital. Now after months of anticipation Antrim launches his brand new imprint with a track aptly coined ‘Or Two Strangers’ alongside remixes from Danito & Athina and Daniel Zuur.

As one of the underground’s most diverse artists Antrim is quite adept at shifting styles from track to track. Whether it be more emotive creations or percussive club cuts, he’s certainly mastered several stylistic blueprints and many times they end up crossing over. Such is the case with ‘Or Two Strangers’. It’s tough, drummy groove lays down a great foundation while serene motifs begin to play off each other in the atmosphere above. A touch cinematic and deeply moving it’s a storyboard which delights both the mind and feet, ultimately leading to an intense break and spine tingling conclusion. Hernan Cattaneo has been the first to lend his support having played the track heavily in recent months with great reactions at Electric Gardens Festival, Warung Brazil and more.

The first interpretation of ‘Or Two Strangers’ is provided by Danito & Athina. Hailing from Cologne, Germany Danny Wendt and Tina Charalampidis make up the Danito & Athina production moniker. Although less than two years into their partnership the duo have already amassed a discography that includes releases on Crossfrontier Audio, Suruba, Jeudi Records and Eklektisch. With a sound all their own Danito & Athina have taken ‘Or Two Strangers’ into their own world of rolling melodic funk. Anchored by undulating bass stabs the foundation is immaculately carved with great shape and character. As waves of percussion fire through the framework trailing effects and melodic motifs tease the senses, carrying the track into the break with energy and emotion. Indistinct vocals and a rush of white noise then converge as the thunderous groove drops for what should be a magic moment on the dance floor.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Or Two Strangers’ comes from Daniel Zuur. Having developed a sound that was both distinctly organic and highly emotive the Amsterdam based artist has been a staple in the Dutch underground since 2009. A pivotal moment in Daniel’s career came in 2012 when he was announced the winner of ‘Best Producer’ at ‘Vinylized’, the biggest competition in the Netherlands. Having created Zauer Records, an outlet for his own music and that of his contemporaries, Daniel has also found a home on Katermukke and Manual Music. A quiet start to 2016 has made Daniel’s interpretation of ‘Or Two Strangers’ all the more anticipated, and he’s closed the release out in style with an exceptional rendition. Clever beat patterns, grainy percussion and a wonky synth line make for a superb first act, before a short break teases the main melodic motif. Quirky hooks accent the groove as waves of atmosphere deliver bursts of emotion. Subversive moods with a cross cultural flair eventually lead to the main break where panning hypnotics provide just the right amount of tension before a twisted drop leads the journey home.

A stunning debut from Antrim’s ‘Or Two Strangers’ imprint which sets a high precedent moving forward. Don’t miss it.


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