Arctic Night: Russia’s Elliptical Sun

arctic-nightThis week we catch up with one of Russia’s longest standing electronic music producers. Arctic Night began his production career on labels like Mistique Music, Deepsessions and 7 Seas. Not long after he established his Elliptical Sun imprint and later created the ‘Melodies’ division as well with Max Dillon. Arctic Night’s labels have always been a great place to discover new and up coming electronics music talents. The label has had a very strong year with productions from Domased Electronica, Progress Inn, Loquai, Monojoke and more. We had a chance to chat with Arctic Night recently about his labels, his new album, electronic music in Russia and a variety of other topics, a transcription of the interview is below and we hope you enjoy it.

1. How did you discover electronic music? Where do your musical roots lie?

Arctic Night: Hi, When I heard for the first time Shiller-I Feel You track at me everything turned over. I started being fond of this direction of music exactly since then. I don’t remember exact year, but it seemed it is 2003

2. What is your opinion of the electronic music scene in Russia? and how has it changed in the last 10 years?

Arctic Night: I think everything goes well. Musicians can speak about it from our country. Every year there are new names which submit listeners by means of the music. Also will take away a big name on the club poster, not only Moscow but also other country towns, it already usually.
Our country over the last 10 years made the biggest of races in development electronic dance music. I mean the European countries.

3. How did you come up with the name Arctic Night? and does it have any special meaning to you?

Arctic Night: Anything special here isn’t present. Arctic Night it very beautifully is simple. And I try to justify this beauty the music. And if I manage it then I not for nothing am engaged in it.

4. What were you doing previous to starting Elliptical Sun Recordings? Were you involved in the industry at all or just a fan of electronic music that decided to start a label? and what was it that made you want to start Elliptical Sun?

Arctic Night: Before creation of the label I was engaged in writing of music and its edition on other labels. Now I also write it but a lot of time leaves on label.But I try to find time for own music. I wanted to create a good competitive label in my country. I heard much that people don’t trust our labels because they don’t pay etc. I wanted to change it. Also I consider that style of a label this reflection of the person who operates it. This is my second person. The most important reason of creation is support of actors. For me it is very important that each actor received the share from sales of their music. People spend a huge number of time for writing and sometimes it brings nothing and it is wrong. Now ESR it not only I am. And I tell thanks to my friends of Connie Halls and Julian Rodriguez who helps to make this label better.

5. Elliptical Sun also has a more melodic division called Elliptical Sun Melodies, how did the creation of that label come about? and do you do all the A&R for it as well?

Arctic Night: Yes, it is our second label. More melodius music there. It appeared in the spring of 2012 and 16 may2013.ESM first release appeared after we agreed with Freddie from Progressive House Worldwide joint and different from ESR .He is suggested me to make this new label. Later Max Dillon joined us it is Dj from USA . On this moment only it and I work at this label. All music and advertizing is done by this guy and I very much highly appreciate his work. In a year it made this label in TOP labels.This is the genius and I trust it all work there because ESM style for it is closer, and Max Dillon knows that it will be better for this label. At present he too is the co-owner of this label.

6. Your ‘Soul’ album was recently released on Elliptical Sun. How long were you working on that? and what are your feeling about it now that it’s finally been released? and how do you think it differs from your previous two albums?

Arctic Night: This album I wrote more than 1.5 years. each of these tracks I enclosed a slice of the soul, it and gave it the name ”Soul’ ‘. my look this album differs from that two that were released earlier by quality of a sound and if in an album Morning Flow and Mysteries I looked for the sounding but here I found it in my latest album. This that that is pleasant to me and I hope that listeners on advantage will estimate this album

7. You Elliptical Sun over 3 years ago now, you’ve got almost 140 releases and a huge roster of artists. What does the future hold for Elliptical Sun? What is your vision for the label in the next two years?

Arctic Night: In the subsequent I hope we will grow even more. I am sure we can sign great artists. Also will be rigid selection to signing is made , it will make our label more dear at artists. Already now we signed Simon Pure – The Flava .This track was co-produced with J-Me Griffiths and Mike Truman this guys it legendary Hybrid project and we very much are proud of it. Now we hold competition of remixes on this track .In the next years I the label will be sure to change only to the best.

8. What advice do you have for producers trying to get their music signed to Elliptical Sun?

Arctic Night: To do only qualitative, atmospheric and interesting progressive music.

9. Thoughts on the DJ Mag top 100 poll?

Arctic Night: It would be good to get there but at present not a main goal for me now

10. What artist or track would you love to remix?

Arctic Night: If to be honest that to make an official remix on somebody big dj or producer would be cool but for me the track on which I do a remix is more important. It has to sound close for me and inspire on creation of a good remix. But if to me the offer from anjunadeep I would arrive didn’t refuse))))

11. Where do you get studio inspiration from? What producers consistently inspire you? Who are some of your favourites? and what new producers are you loving at the moment?

Arctic Night: I haven’t enough time for listening of music of other labels and it is difficult to me to tell now. It is a lot of tracks which are capable to inspire me. I can tell precisely about Shiller also there are cool things from ATB .I’m simply adore as sings Freddie Mercury and it too is capable to inspire me, I adore Enigma too. All this inspires me on creation of own music. From new performers I like Sebastian Weikum style

12. What do you like to do for fun outside of the music? and do you have a regular job? What is a typical day like for Arctic Night?

Arctic Night: Outside music I like to spend time with the family. I adore the son and when I give out free hour I I try to spend time with it. I like to drink beer with friends. It is simple to walk and breathe air .I’m carry out the most part of day behind writing of my music well and certainly behind work on a label.

13. Apart from electronic music what other genres do you listen to and who are your favourite artists outside of electronic? How big of an influence are other styles of music when it comes to composing your own tracks or signing music to Elliptical Sun? Could you give any examples?

Arctic Night: Yes I a little already answered this question above. I simply adore music of 80 years. I love Freddie Mercury and Queen, my favourite track is live queen group performance at wembley stadium in 1986. There at the end of Freddie sings the song We Are The Champions .This is the best inspiration for me . Shiller-I Feel You and ATB-Move On it is better for me now too

14. Arctic Night Current Favourites (you can list more than one per category if you like)

Food: House food, for example Fried potato and stake from pork
Drink: Milk ,Tea ,Beer
TV Show: All footballs shows.
Movie: I can’t call one, there is a lot of them
Video Game: FIFA
Album: MCMXC from Enigma 1990 year
Track / Song: We Are The Champions, I feel You ,Move On
Producer / Band: Enigma,Shiller,ATB,and Queen
Record Label: Elliptical Sun Recordings and Elliptical Sun Melodie,

15. If the final DJ set of your career was next week what would be your last record be?

Arctic Night: I’ll played be tracks from my labels ESR and ESM

Arctic Night’s ‘Soul’ LP is out now on Elliptical Sun Recordings, you can purchase the release: here

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