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Argentinian Newcomer Maxi Degrassi Serves up Euphoria on All Day I Dream with ‘The Love Goes First’

Maxi Degrassi is best known for his talents behind the decks as a Desert In Me resident in his home country of Argentinia. Beyond his curatorial skills, however, he also knows his way around the studio—so much so that he’s captured the attention of Lee Burridge, who signed him on for a full release on All Day I Dream. What’s resulted is a four-piece record, ‘The Love Goes First,’ that shows off Degrassi’s aptitude in fashioning emotvie dance cuts.

‘The Love Goes First’ is bound by cornerstone All Day I Dream elements of bright, reverberated basslines, soft string pads, delicate, yet rhythmic percussion, and a touch of piano. Of course, it’s what an artist does with these elements and their nuances that matters most, and Degrassi has certainly created something unique. “Keep It Moving” and the EP’s eponymous single, for example, err toward the more mysterious side, with the former adopting a more sensuous presentaton of this mysteriousness and the latter carrying a more playful tone. Pure euphoria ensures in “String of Feelings,” and “About Energies” closes the EP off on an energized, club-worthy note with driving percussion and distinct crescendoes.

With his All Day I Dream debut now in the books, Maxi Degrassi looks toward a promising future in the melodic space. The EP is the latest in a string of releases on other lauded platforms like Souksonic, Seven Villas, and Magician on Duty, further backing his position another prized Argentinian export.


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