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Arnas D has come a long way in 5 years. He was part of the production team that won Sasha’s Burn Me Down remix competition and has gone from strength ever since. We catch up with the Lithuanian maestro, as he prepares to make one of the most important releases of his career.

Arnas you’re regarded by many as one of the leading players in the Lithuanian scene and your productions are starting to gain more exposure worldwide. Can you tell us what’s driving you? 

I do everything from my heart and am really selective about what I share with the world. Being true to yourself gives you great self satisfaction and more confidence in what you do.

We heard you recently joined Omid 16B’s Alola Management roster, which includes artists like Alex George, Chris Gavin, Dale Middleton & your partner in crime Kastis Torrau. Can you tell us about what impact this is having on your career plus what it’s like working with Omid? 

The very first party I ever went to was when Omid 16B was playing at Atari / Exit back in the early 2002 period. It’s where it all started and got me into music. I’m honoured to be working with him and really happy to belong to his management company.

We built up a good understanding of each other and formed a good friendship. Omid likes to keep things spiritual and realistic, which for me, was a whole new way of looking at the music industry. He’s giving me great advice all the time, introducing me to the culture within the scene, what to expect in this industry whilst become more noticed, keeping your feet on the ground and remembering at all times, the most important part THE MUSIC!

It’s just like being a family member so I love how we work together. We send files to each other, I revealed some of my creative ideas and also picked a few secrets along the way, which makes the creative side really fun.

Omid’s true nature is really encouraging. He’s really professional but not shy to say what’s on his mind, so it’s easy to talk to him on many levels. He has so much respect for his friends, girlfriend and family. He makes you feel safe in his presence and knows how to deal with situations that can be uncomfortable to deal with. His guidance has definitely improved me as a person and an artist.

You’re launching SexOnWax’s album artist / comp album series “Reincarnations” due out in August. Tell us about the concept behind it.

I was over the moon when I got the offer to start the “Reincarnations” series. Not only was it a good opportunity to express myself as an artist, but I also fulfilled a childhood dream because this was my first album.

Reincarnations is the the story about how the minds and music of two artists can be merged to create a faultless journey for the listener. It was a spontaneous venture  that quickly evolved in to something truly beautiful but also very spiritual.

11 out of 12 tracks on the album are either originals or remixes from either me, Omid or both of us. I got the opportunity remix the tracks that I used to listen to since I was a teenager, like Omid’s “Escape (Driving To Heaven”), Same As You & The Epic. At times, it was hard to believe I was remixing them, so there was definitely a big awe factor for me.

What’s the Lithuanian scene like and where do you see it going in the future? 

When I started my career, the culture in Lithuania was different. I grew up with my older brother coming home from clubs listening to the DJ’s like Omid 16B, who was one of the first Dj/ producers to come to Lithuania, setting the trend of melodic house which became a big influence in the scene. We were lucky to have Omid introduce the real music because the venues were playing commercial stuff that catered to the younger MTV generation.  All the party organisers, Djs, promoters etc who were supporting underground, were doing it for reasons true to their heart and nothing else.

Lots of people left Lithuania to go abroad for jobs so the population became smaller and that influenced the club scene quite a lot. The future looks really bright here because Lithuanian’s know how to party and understand the true nature of clubbing. The atmosphere is one of the main reasons why DJs come to my country. I see a lot more bigger names playing here soon, plus I believe lots more of the younger generation will get involved.

Name your top 3 favourite producers / DJ’s and please explain why you regard them as influential?

At different times I had different favourites but at the moment maybe I will mention those from where it all began and which influenced me to grow where I am now. The biggest influence when I just started was Danny Howells. I used to listen to him a lot. His creations and mixes specially, maybe more mixes because he used to make very good mixes like “Global Underground / Nu Breed” which I basically grew up on.

Sasha I like because he had this progressive side which I’ve always loved and he has managed to keep it a little, although with Sasha seems to keep wanting to create and reinvent himself, which I’m not sure is always the way to go… still his music never goes out of my heart specially around 10 years ago.

And not forgetting Omid 16B whose music I also grew up on. Me and a few friend’s used to listen to all his tracks and talk about how cool it would be to one day get into the music business. It’s hard to explain all the emotions, but it’s an incredible feeling to now be working with him and producing music that he’s digging 🙂

You’ll be touring soon to promote your Reincarnations album? Which clubs would you like to play at and why? 

I would love to play “Warung beach” in Brazil. South America in general seems like the place I want to be. I believe my music and DJ style is very well suited in that territory culturally and I’m looking forward to playing there soon. I know my management are having talks at the moment about some dates to promote the Reincarnations Series on SexOnWax, specially in Argentina Buenos Aires. From what I’ve heard, the crowd is similar to my home country Lithuania.

Where do you see yourself in a years time? Do you have any dreams you’d like to share with us? 

In a years time? Well a year is not long lol 🙂 I’ll be doing the same as now but maybe growing with stronger opportunities and keeping myself humble. I would like to start new projects and I’ve been talking with Omid about starting a new act together…

On top of that I love to touch different genres and experimenting out of the box. I would love to see much more of the world and travel a little more so I only hope I can make even better music. Apart from that, I love my girlfriend from all my heart and she has been a great help in supporting me throughout, so maybe if I’m lucky I’d like to have my own family and also get married.

Arnas D‘s Reincarnations is out August 4th on SexOnWax Recordings. Click here to visit Arnas D’s fan page on Facebook.  

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