Artfaq – ID (Stellar Fountain)

The up and coming Artfaq duo make their debut on Stellar Fountain with this week with ‘ID’.

Artfaq - ID

Hailing from Argentina Artfaq have just one previous release out, a contribution to Balkan Connection South America’s ‘BCSA Soldiers Vol. 6’ which was released in June of last year. The disco infused ‘Mentogrado’ was a breath of fresh air and got their career of to a great start. Now Stellar Fountain presents Artfaq’s debut single entitled ‘ID’ which includes remixes from: Tuxedo and Alex Vidal.

The disco-infused style of ‘Mentogrado’ is absent here in favour of a more delicate melodic sensibility. It’s laid back grooves, lush vocals and gorgeous piano theme (particularity during the break) are effortless and lovely. It’s sounds perfect for the beach and there is even something about it which reminds me of Nalin and Kane’s ‘Beachball’ but it’s much deeper obviously. A gorgeous track and a great debut single for Artfaq.

The first interpretation of ‘ID’ is provided by Tuxedo who is making his eighth appearance on Stellar Fountain. The Polish producer and head of Electronic Tree has already left his mark on 2015 with his ‘Brotherhood’ single (also released through Stellar Fountain) and with remixes for Abstract Space, Massive Harmony and Soundteller Records. Tuxedo has slowly developed this summery house sound so he seems like an ideal choice to remix this and the results are quite spectacular. He’s really smoothed out the main themes and added a spacey atmospheric motif which is just amazing. Very cinematic until the main break where the pianos and vocals get showcased. The second half features more instrumentation and an overall soulful vibe which sits nicely alongside the original.

The second and final interpretation of ‘ID’ is provided by Alex Vidal who is making his fifth appearance on Stellar Fountain. The Spanish producer has been very busy this year with a long string of remix productions for Balkan Connection, Bonzai Records, Mistique Music and OLD SQL Recordings. He’s got a unique blend of progressive and trance which has lent itself quite well to the ‘ID’ theme’. The Spanish producer’s warm, driving groove is well complemented with soft rhythms and a wispy atmospheric texture. It sets a great vibe and perfect for the main themes from the original which eventually creep into the mix and are on full display during the main break. The second half stays smooth with the pianos leading the way along with some very infectious rhythms. Definitely the biggest version on the release but it still has a calmness about it and a great complement to the previous versions. Excellent remix from Alex and a great release from Stellar Fountain.

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