Artist Talk With Markus Homm

The Nuremberg based DJ and producer shares a lot of cool advice

Hey Markus, what have been some of the biggest highlights your year so far? 

Hey guys, as much as I love travelling, touring and music, the highlight of this year happen on 01.01.2019 at 5 am the birth of my son. Best start of 2019 I could have wished for.

Where are you based right now and are you playing much locally?

I am living in Germany close to the city Nuremberg, I moved here 5 years ago outside the city to the countryside. In my hometown I play about 1-2 per Year.

Which are the most solid clubs in your area?

There is a nice small club/bar call “Mitte Soundbar”. The guys do a great job, solid bookings and a great vibe. The bigger venue in Town is the Club “Rakete” has been around for many years with a solid program and weekly events with great bookings. Also, there is a Bunch of Festival around the area.

How would you describe the style of music you’re making? Does it change from time-to-time? If so, how often? And do you think it’s important to be consistent?

Over all I would call it Grooving Electronic Dance Music. I am sure it changes here and there as I easy get bored. So, I try different things. Sometimes it’s really deep or from time to time I want to do something more driving and big Room. I don’t really think it’s necessary to stick to the one and only sound you do for ever. But also, I can’t really take it seriously when labels and artist jump on and every hyped Genre what comes along.

You’ve released recently on Still Hot which is also your booking agency too and has a great roster of artists. Which other imprints are you looking to work or with soon, or respecting right now and why?

There is a bunch of labels I like but it doesn’t mean I want to release of all of them. I rather look for building a relationship with the labels I have been working on and having follow up releases instead of releasing everywhere. Sometimes a new label comes up but as for now I don’t really have anything I am aiming for. I did a lot of new music what I like to sign to my home labels.


Besides the love for music, is there anything else that motivates you to continue your journey in the electronic void? Do you think you have to be a certain kind of person to do this job?

My biggest Motivation is that I still love Music. I enjoy producing Music and also travelling and playing out. To me that’s the most important thing!! Once that will stop I will stop doing it. There is a lot going on in the scene what I personally find sad but that’s just the way it is. It seems more important how you appear on Social media instead of your DJ or Production skills.

How you find the work and life balance between producing and tearing up clubs, to leading a normal life?

The location where I live works perfect for me in that way. When I get back, I have a lot of time for myself and the Family. During the summer I am riding my Motorbike and try to be out as much as I can. The Music studio is in my house, it’s a really relaxing surrounding. Really love the contrast to the regular travelling.

What goals do you have for the rest of the year and what things do you have coming up?

My rest of 2019 is pretty busy travelling, starting next week I will be gone all September till mid-October. After that I will spend more time in the studio and prepare music for release in 2020.

Tell us about your DJ setup when you’re performing. Any plans to perform live?

I use to play live some years ago. I use to be part In the “Highgrade Disharmonic Orchestra “, it was a very exciting time and we have lots of fun. Right now, no plans for another live act. My DJ setup is very classic I prefer 3 CDJ and a mixer.

What are your next goals you personally?

I am always looking to improve as a Producer so I will invest in to that further and then hopefully having some more releases out in the near future.

Please share with us your biggest track of 2019 so far.

Hannes Bieger feat. Francesca Lombardo – A Million Souls


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