AudioStorm – Forgiveness Remixes (Babylon Records)

The latest release on Babylon Records finds the label revisiting AudioStorm’s ‘Forgiveness’ with a brand new set of remixes.

AudioStorm 'Forgiveness'

The original version was first released in May of 2014 as part of the Baroque Records Protocol collection compiled by Beat Syndrome. Needless to say it’s deep grooves and lush textures have aged well. It’s just as enchanting now as it was then and Babylon Records have called upon Fractal Architect and Tuxedo to reinvent the track for the 2015-2016 winter season.

The release begins with Fractal Architect who is making his first appearance on Babylon having been previously featured on parent label Baroque three times. UK producer Dan Watts aka Fractal Architect began his production career in mid 2014 with a string of releases on Manual Music, MNL and Callote. His fusion of electronica, techno and progressive was unique and inspired, it caught the attention of many underground labels and before long he was bombarded with remix requests. Now 18 months later Fractal Architect has added to his discography wonderfully with appearances on BQ Recordings, Stellar Fountain and PHW Elements to name just a few. As 2015 is now nearly over Fractal Architect delivers one of his finest remixes of the year on ‘Forgiveness’. The deep and powerful vibes from the original are well conveyed here but with some interesting quirks along the way. A wonkier rhythmic design, deadly vocal gates and a dark electronic feel make for a variety of great moments. The unpredictability of the groove comes off as moody but with moments of textural bliss as well and a third act of free flowing designs and psychedelic motifs makes for an excellent conclusion. Wonderful remix from Fractal Architect and one which you’ll definitely want to listen to a few times over to really appreciate.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Forgiveness’ is provided by Tuxedo who is making his first appearance on Babylon Records. The Polish artist and Electronic Tree label boss has been riding a wave of success all throughout 2015. Releases on 238W Inc., Movement Recordings and Reworck have all been sensational, and now he closes the year out with an excellent rendition of ‘Forgiveness’. Tuxedo’s grooves always come with an alluring quality and these are no different. Unique in design and perfectly contoured it sets a killer vibe as vocals trail though the framework and a layer of shimmering haze tantalizes the senses. It’s deep and dubby nature is such a joy to listen to and certainly lends itself to late night play but there’s enough electricity in the third act for a wide range of floors. Gorgeous work from Tuxedo and my fave on the release. Solid Remix edition from Babylon Records. Highly Recommended.

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