Audiostorm – Roterdam Port (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection welcomes Audiostorm back to the label for a brand new single.

Audiostorm - Rotterdam Port (Balkan Connection)

The Montenegrin producer is making his eighth appearance on the Serbian label and has just come off an excellent release of K Nass on Electronic Tree. Audiostorm’s latest single for Balkan Connection is entitled ‘Rotterdam Port’ and includes remixes from Yuriy From Russia, Following Light and Ewan Rill.

The highlight of AudioStorm’s year was undoubtedly a contribution to Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeats 3 collection released in November. It’s a momentous occasion for any producer and his ‘Old Caffe’ production sounded incredible on it. His newest for Balkan Connection ‘Roterdam Port’ doesn’t disappoint either with it’s playful melodic nature and slow, methodical build. After 5 wonderful minutes of floaty, hypnotic melodies the track breaks down into a quiet windswept wasteland of warm textures and soothing motifs. Void of any big build or predictability the groove reconvenes in an unassuming manner and the track is all the better for it, building to a smooth but exhilarating conclusion.

The three remixes offered here all bring some unique and wonderful ideas to Audiostorm’s motifs. First up Yuriy From Russia takes it to a deeper and more atmospheric place with an emphasis on phasing textures and soft tonal themes. Warmer beats and a looser, spacious groove work perfectly under the glimmering top end ultimately leading to a third act of emo-chord changes and trancy overtones. Gorgeous work from Yuriy and a great complement to the tougher more hypnotic original.

Following Light of Inmost Records fame is next and once again he brings a unique vision to the track, taking it in a techier, dubbier direction. Similar to Audiostorm’s original it’s slow methodical build is its strong suit, this however comes off much trippier and cosmic sounding. It definitely sits well next to the other mixes here and it’s spaced out storyboard along with a traditional approach should please the old school lovers out there. Great work from Following Light.

The release is closed out with one of Balkan Connection’s primary and ‘go to’ artists Ewan Rill. The ever prolific Russian is now making his 71st appearance on the label and finishes the release of with a great interpretation of ‘Rotterdam Port’. Beginning with a much more spacious vibe Ewan slowly builds some wonderful percussive elements around the framework before letting loose some funky hooks. As a precursor to the main break a hopeful pad descends over the piece creating what might be the most heavenly moment on the release. Warm chord changes fuel the breakdown and further the positive vibes before a punchy third act and a bevy of funky hooks take over, making for a great conclusion. Ewan’s departed dramatically from the original and it’s really paid off, one of his coolest remixes in while I think. Top notch stuff from Balkan Connection once again. Don’t miss it.

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