Barry Jamieson – 303’s In Love (Kyubu Records)

Kyubu Records welcomes Barry Jamieson back to the label this week for their sixth overall release.

barry jamieson

The UK born but now US based producer first appeared on Kyubu with his remix of TR20 ‘Road Signs’ which was released back in February of this year. Barry`s now 20 plus year discography is littered with some of electronic music`s finest moments. Having remixed commercial acts such as Madonna, New Order, Depeche Mode, UNKLE and Seal, to working with Sasha and Charlie May on the two ground breaking albums Involver and Involver 2, Barry`s career has been truly extraordinary. Now hot on the heels of the re-issue and remodel of his classic record ‘Stars’ we see Barry with a new single for Kyubu Records entitled ‘303’s In Love’ which is accompanied with remixes from Shiloh, Scotty.A and Mono Electric Orchestra.

Barry’s original leads the release off with a tight, well constructed groove and just a hint of atmospheric tension. Aptly titled ‘303’s in Love’ the showcase elements here are some gorgeous acid lines which are beautifully complemented with blissful motifs and thunderous bass lines. The timeless vibes are unquestionable here and the support is rolling in fast with Nick Warren already dropping it on the radio last week. If you’re looking for a tastefully epic club production that is both incredibly powerful and hauntingly beautiful you’d be hard pressed to do any better than this. Excellent stuff from Bazz.

The first remix is supplied by Shiloh who are making their first appearance on Kyubu Records. The Canadian duo are part of progressive house royalty and long time fans of the genre look back on their discography quite fondly. Shiloh have always been loved equally for their progressive and breakbeat creations. It’s a rare event that we get to hear the latter these days so their interpretation of ‘303’s In Love’ is a real treat. With an obvious nod to Underworld’s ‘Rez’ Shiloh have delivered a big room monster that’s got one hell of an electric atmosphere. Monumentally tweaked acid lines, sparkling melodies and those epic Rez vibes all make for one of the feel good records of the year. Being a massive fan of ‘Rez’ I absolutely love this. Don’t miss it.

The second remix comes from Scotty.A who is also making his debut appearance on Kyubu Records. It’s been a strong year for the UK producer with remixes of Oliver Lieb and Paul Hazendonk & Noraj Cue for Proton Music. Definitely a DJs favourite on the release Scotty’s ‘303’s In Love’ interpretation has stayed true to the main acid theme from the original but with a more techno inspired foundation. The emotional aspect has also been stripped away in favour of more rhythmic components which are sure to provide that additional dance floor fire. Great stuff from Scotty.

Closing the release out is an ambient edit from Barry’s Mono Electric Orchestra alias which couldn’t render a more fitting conclusion. It’s rich textures and general sense of sonic serenity round out another near perfect release from Kyubu Records. Highly Recommended.

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