Dale Middleton’s Tarnished Tracks continues to go from strength to strength, with the latest melodic offering coming from Soundexile’s Baunder.

‘For a While’ kicks off with crisp percussion and a distinctive vocal sample, before introducing a rolling bassline and a tuned percussion riff. Baunder soons takes the listener into more melodic territory, with dreamy pads and beautiful chimes setting the scene for old-school synths and heart-melting key-changes. The second half of the track soars just as high, though with new sounds adding even more texture to proceedings. This is a very unique spin on a classic melodic progressive house sound, and it’s really lovely. ‘False Awakenings’ opens on a more percussive note, but the stomping opening minutes lead to something which is ultimately just as lovely as ‘For a While’, with Baunder delivering stark, plucked melodies and a swaying bassline. The breakdown manages to sound retro without sounding tired, with a growling bass set against an abstract hook, before Baunder pulls everything together for a surprisingly effective and emotive climax.

I’ve long been a fan of Soundexile’s work, and Baunder’s solo work hits the same spot really nicely – ‘For a While’ is the stronger of the pair for my money, but both tracks are likely to gain Baunder even more admirers amongst fans of deep, melodic progressive house.

Out now on Beatport