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Be Morais – The Corner EP (Slideways Music)

Tim Penner’s Slideways Music celebrates its 10th release by welcoming Be Morais to the label for his debut EP.

Be Morias - The Corner EP

The Brazilian artist is fresh off a remix of Danny Oliveira and Fran Von Vie ‘Where Dreams Lie’, released just last week on the new ‘Not Another’ label (of which he is part owner). Now for just his third ever release we Be Morias delivering a fresh two track EP for Slideways entitled ‘The Corner’.

When an artist has just two releases it’s hard to say whether they really have a sound but what I’ve heard from Be Morais thus far is really exciting. His dark, mystical interpretation of ‘Where Dreams Lie’ was grungy and character filled but with profound emotional moments. The lead cut here ‘The Corner’ begins with a sparse groove backed by some heavy bass tones and soft ambience. As the foundation ripples forward, buzzing synths and timely vocal elements further the mysterious storyboard, ultimately leading to a dramatic break full of tension and intrigue. Waves of rough synths cut through a wall of sonic decay, before getting washed away in favour of the sparse, yet deadly groove which takes you home. There are just so many unique design elements here that it’s hard not to love everything about it, surely good for many new discoveries even after several listens and deadly for the floor as well. 

The companion piece ‘Beloved’ finds Be Morais going deeper with equally impressive results. Again anchored by some killer bass hooks, this one comes with a greater atmospheric presence, as a glacial haze drifts through the piece for a good portion of the first act. Eventually getting washed away, we’re then met with tonal shifts and a mesmerizing synth. The uniqueness of the vocal elements here can’t be overstated, they’re one of favourite things in the whole track and a break of blissful strings more than delivers on the emotional level. It all amounts to two exceptionally unique pieces of music which makes Be Morais a name to watch as 2016 moves forward. It’s rare that something really grabs me the way these both did. Highly Recommended. 


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