Beat Factory – Big City Siren (Baroque Records)

Baroque Records remains one of the longest running progressive house labels. Set up by Keith McDonnell aka Innate and Mick Park from Tilt in 2000 the labels output has produced more than a few classic records over the course of its almost 14 year existence. Odessi ‘Moments of Space’, Leama ‘Melodica’, Tilt ‘Headstrong’ and Minilogue ‘In A Deeper Emotion’ are just a few of the releases that struck the hearts of progressive house fans. The storied label returns this week with one of their most anticipated releases of the year. It sees the return of the Beat Factory duo with a new single entitled ‘Big City Siren’ that includes remixes from Andre Sobota.

Adel ‘BiG AL’ Ghandour and Levente ‘Human8’ Szabo make up the Beat Factory production moniker and have over 120 releases over the course of their career which dates back to 2009. The duo have been regular contributors to labels like Baroque, Nueva, AlterImage and Big Al’s own Ready Mix imprint. Their newest single ‘Big City Siren’ sees the duo at their absolute best. The gentle harmonic tones which set the backdrop of the record are really sensational. Perfectly textured and full of positive vibes. Soft, pulsating stabs and a soulful vocal wail accent the piece further. The relatively stripped nature of the groove is really what makes this work so well. The vocal elements and smooth flowing harmonies are so strong that they get a chance to breathe over the delicate framework. It’s pretty damn near perfect and would have to be considered one of Beat Factory’s all time best productions.

The lone remixes of ‘Big City Siren’ come from Andre Sobota who is making his first appearance on Baroque. Andre’s unique melodic sound has been enchanting electronic music fans over the first three quarters of 2013 and he continues to be a firm favourite of Above and Beyond, Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, Eric Prydz and Markus Schulz. Andre’s ‘Big City Siren’ interpretation finds the Brazilian adding his own unique flair to the piece. Full of epic hooks, infectious lines and a driving momentous energy Andre’s delivered a monster of a remix that’s destined for some peak time play no doubt. Andre has also provided a dub for the less vocally inclined which comes with the same melodic brilliance and big room energy as his main mix. An exceptional release from Baroque and one of the best originals we’ve heard from Beat Factory. Highly recommended.

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