Beat Factory – Forgiveness (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection welcomes Beat Factory back to the label for a new single entitled ‘Forgiveness’.

Beat Factory - Forgiveness

Adel ‘BiG AL’ Ghandour and Levente ‘Human8′ Szabo make up the Beat Factory production moniker and have 140 plus releases over the course of their career which dates back to 2009. The duo have been regular contributors to labels like Baroque, Nueva, Green House and Big Al’s own Ready Mix imprint. Their new single entitled ‘Forgiveness’ marks their fourth appearance on Balkan Connection and features remixes from Dmitry Molosh and Lateral Cut Groove.

For those that follow Beat Factory you’ve seen the duo’s sound constantly evolve over the years. They’ve reached an incredibly deep and funky place this year with remixes for Asymmetric Dip and Color House Records. On ‘Forgiveness’ we get more amazing grooves filled with soul and musicality. It’s well shaped foundation immediately stands out and brings a great dance floor sensibility to the track. The hooks, of which there are many, are timeless and emotional, but not in an overt or obnoxious way. It’s a very smooth and musical sounding record that’s going to find a place in a broad range of sets and Ipods out there. Just a wonderful piece of music from Beat Factory. Big Al has also included a Deep Afterhours interpretation which complements the original very well. The funk and groove of the original translate well here with a more spacious feel and some additional motifs which just add to the tracks enchanting nature. Although it’s a touch dubbier the soul and musicality is not lost at all and the main break is absolutely gorgeous and definitely one of Big Al’s shining musical creations. Beautiful remix from Big Al.

The first interpretation of ‘Forgiveness’ is provided by Dmitry Molosh who is making his sixth appearance on Balkan Connection. The Belarus based producer has continued to impress this year. The launch of his (in conjunction with Michael A) Genesis Music imprint is imminent and recent releases on Lowbit Records and Temporum Music have been excellent. Dmitry seems like the perfect artist to inject a contemporary progressive vibe into any track and that’s exactly what’s he’s done on ‘Forgiveness’. With a much darker and dubbier approach Dmitry’s interpretation really packs some punch. Backed by a driving groove and sinister stabs the energy is quite high throughout. A trail of trippy vocal gates and swirling atmospheres carries the track into the break where a barrage of effects builds some nice tension. The return of the groove is monumental with beefed up percussion and additional designs which are sure to deliver some epic moments on the dance floor. Amazing remix from Dmitry and my favourite on the release.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Forgiveness’ is provided by Lateral Cut Groove who is making his third appearance on Balkan Connection. The Irish producer first appeared on the label in August of 2013 with a remix of Hibrid’s ‘Six Minutes of Weightlessness’. It’s smooth groove and timeless appeal was a standout on the release and subsequent outings on Baires Records and Stripped Digital soon followed. It’s been a great start to 2015 for Lateral Cut Groove who had an excellent EP on Proton’s Particles along with a remix for Toppy released courtesy of Abstract Space Recordings. For his ‘Forgiveness’ interpretation Lateral Cut Groove has radically revamped the track with a much smoother bassline and a dubbier approach. Layered beats and a sequence of fluid rhythms make for a smooth and serene vibe over the first act. A subtle interlude adds further bliss, highlighting the haunting soundscapes while the rhythmic elements keep the groove well intact, all setting up a classy conclusion, Great remix from Lateral Cut Groove and a top notch release from Balkan Connection. Don’t miss it.

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