Beat Maniacs & Senores Funkees – Stranger (Balkan Connection)

Balkan Connection returns this week with a special release that showcases four of the best Electronic music talents from Serbia. The Beat Maniacs duo team up with fellow countrymen Senores Funkees for the ultimate four person collaboration entitled ‘Stranger’ which comes with remixes from: Jelly for the Babies and Vlada D’Shake.

Beat Maniacs and Senores Funkees got together with hopes of creating something different with ‘Stranger’ and by all accounts they’ve achieved that. The original mix begins with a wavering atmospheric backdrop that slowly ascends as the drum elements begin forming the groove. Subtle synth elements play off each other nicely and create a moody vibe which casts a very ominous feeling over the track. A tension filled high pitch tone is then slowly revealed and gets showcased further during the main drop which builds to epic proportions. When the tough groove drops back in the shear intensity of the screaming backdrop is sure to ignite your dance floor. Massive track from Beat Maniacs and Senores Fuunkees. The first remix is supplied by one of Balkan Connection’s primary artists Jelly For The Babies. Serbian producer Marijan Raskovic aka Jelly For The Babies makes his 19th appearance on Balkan Connection here and is on a real roll at the moment. His remix of Beat Syndrome on Agara Music last week was absolutely gorgeous and he’s nailed another top production here for his ‘Stranger’ remix. Jelly For The Babies has crafted another one of his irresistible club grooves that makes great use of the elements from the original while making it much more dance floor friendly. The monstrous bass stabs are sure to murder on the a proper system and the epic lines have been processed with a marvellous glassy sheen that just sounds fabulous. Massive stuff from Jelly For The Babies. The final mix on the package comes from Vlada D’Shake who is making his second appearance on Balkan Connection. The Serbian producer has delivered a superb complement to the previous two mixes as it comes with a much trippier vibe. The groove is tight and certainly dance floor worthy but the real standouts are all the psychedelic elements which accent the framework. It’s sensory overload in the best way imaginable. Top work from Vlada and another great release from Balkan Connection that we highly recommend. Release Promo Hype Chart Top 25

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