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Beat Syndrome – Tsunami (Sound Avenue)

With 2013 now half over Canada’s Beat Syndrome have already added 20 titles to their discography. The now highly touted production duo continue to showcase their broad studio sound on some of the coolest underground imprints around. Productions for Sound Avenue, Movement, Crossfade Sounds, Agara and Balkan Connection combined with a European tour have certainly capped off a great first half of the year. With the second half of 2013 just about to begin we see Beat Syndrome back on top imprint Sound Avenue for a brand new single this week. Their newest studio production is entitled ‘Tsunami’ and it comes with remixes from Santiago Garcia, Silinder and Jelle Kuipers.

You never know quite what to expect from Beat Syndrome, their productions tend to vary from more club friendly tech house and deep house all way through to atmospheric and melodic progressive house. it’s safe to say that no matter what they do they always exceed expectations and it’s happened once again on ‘Tsunami’. Starting off with a nice punchy kick and an ominous atmospheric backdrop ‘Tsunami’ grows into a stripped down melodic techno piece. The hypnotic energy that’s generated with the soft washed out melodic accents is absolutely wonderful. The mesmerizing hooks continue to pull at your senses and you just get sucked in with Beat Syndrome’s amazing groove. Certainly one of the duos most enchanting sounding records and it’s one that will stick with us for a while.

The first interpretation comes from one of the Baires Records bosses Santiago Garcia who has quickly grown into one of Argentina’s most exciting producers. Santiago continues to earn legions of fans and with his recent appearance on Hernan Cattaneo’s Renaissance CD along with outings on Flow and Proton he shows no signs of slowing down. His production routinely earn support from John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Guy J. Here Santiago makes his debut on Sound Avenue and delivers a top notch remix of ‘Tsunami’. Built around a rough and incredibly funky groove Santiago’s driving tech house style has never sounded better. Phasing vocal pads and a growing atmospheric break only add some great tension and make the funky groove sound that much more pronounced when to returns. The thing that makes the mix work so well is how the hypnotic elements from Beat Syndrome’s original play off the funky bass stabs. Expect your whole dance floor to be moving in unison on this one!

The next two interpretations come from Silinder who prog house fans should be more than familiar with. Irish producer Gav Mulhall aka Silinder has been a mainstay on labels like Proton, Perspectives Digital and Baires over the last two years and his countless bootlegs remain on our regular office rotation. Gav’s ‘Day’ interpretation of ‘Tsunami’ comes with a haunting, breaky intro that would be more than ideal to start a set with. The atmosphere is literally intoxicating and when combined with the hypnotic hooks from Beat Syndrome’s original it’s really an irresistible combination. Silinder’s deep and lazy groove certainly casts an additionally druggy quality over the proceedings and the mesmerizing waves which flow through the main drop just enhance the ethereal environment that much more. As you would expect Silinder’s ‘Night’ rework comes with quite a bit more dance floor vigor. A much more tightly constructed groove drives the piece while a bevy of metallic hits and grinding sweeps tantalize the senses as the hypnotic elements slowly work their way into the mix. Waves of bubbly electronics add an additional hypnotic texture that carries the track through to the main break. The track concludes with those undulating waves delivering more dance floor magic which ends up being our favourite version on the package.

The final remix on the package comes from Jelle Kuipers who is making his debut on Sound Avenue. The Dutch producer has been catching our attention of late with several amazing productions on Wide Angle Recordings. Jelle’s contemporary electronica sound proves to be a great complement to the package and he’s provided a great interpretation of ‘Tsunami’. Glacial waves of ambient textures slowly build and as each atmospheric element gets added to the mix the more hauntingly beautiful it becomes. Cinematic and incredibly organic sounding it’s mix you could listen to for hours and just get lost in your thoughts. The perfect close to an amazing release from Sound Avenue who continue to broaden their reach, just wait till you hear their Summer Sampler. Highly Recommended. Release Promo Hype Chart #2

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