Berlin Based Artist and Promoter Daniel Boon Has Techno In His Blood

We get to know Berlin promoter and techno artist Daniel Boon and chat about his new release on Simina Grigorius’ label Kuukou.

Daniel Boon: I guess i am one of the rare real born and raised Berliners. For more than 20 Years i’m going out on Techno music and almost as long i spin the DJ decks. It grabbed me then and never let go of me.

What made you get in to dance music

Daniel Boon: I sent my youth in the 90ies unadventurous listening to that Euro Dance stuff but later i switched to the more pretentious Techno music.

Where was your first gig

Daniel Boon: My first gig was at Club Matrix Berlin. It was my favourite club i went regularly. Back then they used to bring Techno music and everyone was playing there but nowadays sadly it is just only a discotheque.

How difficult was learning to produce for you in the beginning?

Daniel Boon: To be honest it took quiet a while for me to produce my own track so the first releases i was just co-producing. I’m still far from perfection and the mixing is done by a friend anyway but today i come up with my own finished productions.

Talk to us about your latest release and the inspiration behind it.

Daniel Boon: My latest Release named ‘Julio’ came out on Simina Grigorius’ label Kuukou. There are two remixes involved. One is done by Torsten Kanzler and the other is made by Simina herself. She and i met at a Party i was booking her for. She mentioned to me that she likes my music and asked me to contribute something to her label…that’s how it all came about. My inspiration often comes through tracks from others which not means i want my tracks sound alike. Quiet often i start my production process with no plan whatsoever and see how it turns out in the end.

You’re a well known figure in Berlin, tell us about some of the events you’ve promoted.

Daniel Boon: I’m not that much aware about me as a well known figure in Berlin but from time to time people refer to me about the DJ-thing. Apart from that is was organizing events for almost 18 Years but this year I soft-pedaled running Techno events in order to concentrate more on me as an artist and on my new little family.

Which other DJs or producers are you liking right now?

Daniel Boon: There are quiet a few. Julian Jeweil most definitely is one of them. I do play almost all of his tracks. Another newbie is Amelie Lens…she produces a really fat sound. Thomas Schumacher delivered not just one sublime EP in recent times.

What are you go to labels?

Daniel Boon: When i’m out hunting for new music i try to listen to all new releases from all labels. Eventually i purchase from some usual suspects such as Bitten, Elevate, Tronic or Planet Rhythm…and some more. If i was sending out demos of my productions, what i haven’t done in a while, these where the addressees.

Tell us about your DJ setup.

I do Traktor via Pioneer CDJs connected with my laptop. I like it to be at least 3 CD Players.

What´s been your biggest achievement

Daniel Boon: Well, my biggest achievement clearly was the Remix i did together with Marco Remus for DJ Rush’s ‘Look ans See’, plus my track ‘Rocketier’ released on Frankyeffe’s label Riot Recordings. For me as a DJ artist it have been the gigs at the Berlin Summer Raves four Years in a row. It was getting better and better every Year.

What can we expect from you soon?

Daniel Boon: On the map right now there are some remixes and some releases that i have to put my hands on. Torsten Kanzler was requesting music for his label, Riot Recordings also want me to do stuff for them, my own label Neuhain will release tracks of mine and i really would love to do a second release on Simina’s label.


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