Biologik – SNR Showcase 003 Part 2 (Sleepless Nights Recordings)

Sleepless Nights Recordings returns this week for Part Two of SNR Showcase 003. The expansive two part collection features Canadian producer Biologik who we have been raving about for the last year. Part One which was released in late November of 2013 featured four tracks of which the melodic ‘Clocktowers’ and the more groove oriented ‘No Place Like Home’ really stood out. Part Two is out this week and features four more brand new originals which are just as enticing as the first four.

The lead track on the EP ‘Rapture’ currently sits at #21 in our overall Hype Chart and comes with many amazing qualities. The warm, hypnotic and deeply musical sound that Biologik presents here is a real delight. The smooth DJ friendly intro sets the stage nicely for the impending melodic brilliance. As the glacial lines slowly begin to fade into the mix a lovely sense of calm comes about the track and the beauty just grows from there. Glassy keys and well textured pads highlight the top end while some subtle rhythms enhance the groove just a touch. It’s a such a serene sounding piece of music and just an all round pleasure to listen to. One of the standouts on the EP for sure. The murky, atmospheric grooves of ‘Shadows’ is next and the haunting almost esoteric vibe that it presents seems like the perfect segway to ‘Tiger’ which ups the dance floor intensity quite a bit. The big beats are very powerful but Biologik’s heavenly harmonics keep the serene themes of the EP well intact. This leads to the final track ‘Haunted’ which is another one of the EPs most intriguing cuts. There are parts of it that really remind me of James Holden which is obviously a great thing. It’s the trippy nature of the melodies which is so interesting and it really is a nod to the those pixie sounds from the era of Progressive music where James Holden, Luke Chable and Kosmas Epsilon were so dominate. This is fabulous EP from Biologik who just continues to impress. Great stuff once again from Sleepless Nights. Highly Recommended.

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