Blusoul – Code Talkers Part 2 (Welcome Music)

Ziger and Loquai make their Welcome Music debuts with fresh interpretations of the labels first release Blusoul’s ‘Code Talkers’.

Blusoul - Code Talkers EP

Welcome Music celebrated their first release in September of 2014 with Blusoul’s ‘Code Talkers’. The Greek producer’s smooth progressive lines immediately put the Russian label on the map and they quickly followed that up with singles from Digital Department and Alfoa. Now for the labels first release of 2015 we see brand new remixes of ‘Code Talkers’ from Ziger and Loquai.

The first two interpretations of ‘Code Talkers’ are provided by Ziger who is making his first appearance on Welcome Music. The Greek producer had just a few releases out in 2014 but they all left a major impression; most notably ‘Living In My Head’ courtesy of Luke Porter’s Temporum Music. In my opinion Ziger has been one of the more underappreciated progressive producers of the last several years. His low production output keeps him a bit under the radar but when he does actually put something out it is always quite memorable. His ‘Code Talkers’ interpretations are no different. Ziger has taken those electronic lines from Blusoul’s original and crafted a fresh progressive framework around them. Wispy atmospheres along with a catchy band of rhythms give the track great depth and also bounce; and while it’s 10 minute running time sounds long it actually blows by pretty quick. Ziger has also provided a ‘Let the Chords’ version as well which carries an even bigger presence than his main mix. Additional vocal samples, chordal rhythms and a charged energy make for one of the biggest remixes of Ziger’s career. Can’t go wrong with either one.

The final two interpretations of ‘Code Talkers’ are provided by Loquai who is also making his debut on Welcome Music. The Russian born but Germany based producer continued his prolific production ways in 2014 and released outstanding work on Clinique Recordings, Jetlag Digital, Mistique Music and PHW Elements. 2015 has already been met with several standout productions and his remixes of ‘Code Talkers’ certainly fall into that category. Loquai has gone with a much more hypnotic approach on his first remix and it proves to be a great complement to Ziger’s versions. It’s punchy, stripped back groove has wonderful momentum and a jangly theme adds some cool textural hooks. Loquai’s second mix stays true to the strong groove from version one all while adding a squirrelly lead line which is quite impactful particularly coming out of the main break. Can’t really say which mix I prefer more, they both have nice moments and while mix two is perhaps not as immediately striking the smoothness of it is quite nice, and as always Loquai’s groove shaping prowess really stands out. Two great versions from Loquai and a top notch remix package to start the year off for Welcome Music. Definitely a label to watch as 2015 progresses.

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