Blusoul – Depth of Emotion (Juicebox Music)

Greek producer Blusoul continues his rise through the underground with an exceptional release on Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music this week.

Blusoul - Depth of Emotion

One of my favourite artists over the last few years has been Greek producer Blusoul. Going back all the way to his early releases on Mistique Music there has always been something special about his productions. All good artists tend to have some distinguishable production characteristics that set them apart and Blusoul definitely falls into that category. His latest release ‘Depth Of Emotion’ comes courtesy of Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music label and includes two remixes from Progress Inn and Lonya.

My love for Juicebox Music is also well known; Praveen is one of the most professional label managers around so it’s not a surprise that this release knocks it out of the park. Blusoul’s original features a similar stylistic blueprint to some of his recent productions but with a more modern flair. Crisp beats, menacing stabs and subtle hypnotic rhythms all combine for an incredibly trippy journey. What’s really different about this is the great vocal elements. It’s something Blusoul has been incorporating a lot more recently and the inimitable wails featured here bring added depth which pushes this a notch further into the excellent category.

The first remix is provided by Progress Inn who have been responsible for a long line of great productions this year. The Serbia-based duo bring an energetic flair to their progressive style which is quite unlike anything else around at the moment. Appearances on 3rd Avenue, Temporum Music and Lowbit Records have all been standouts this year. For their ‘Depth Of Emotion’ interpretation Progress Inn have reinvented many of Blusoul’s distinctive parts for what results in a more direct dance floor vision. The sturdy groove and clever edits are perfectly dialed in while the rough, rhythmic stabs have been tighten a few notches for some added punch. Great rework from Progress Inn.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Depth Of Emotion’ is provided by Lonya who is making his first appearance on Juicebox Music. Lonya is based in Tel-Aviv and runs the Asymmetric Recordings label, he’s also a resident DJ at the well known The Cat & Dog club in Tel-Aviv. The cutting edge labels Bpitch Control, Flow Vinyl and Sudbeat Music appear in his discography and his productions are routinely supported and charted by Hernan Cattaneo. Fresh off his much hyped ‘Acid Culture’ collaboration with Mike Griego Lonya’s remix of ‘Depth of Emotion’ offers something radically different than the previous two versions. It’s subterranean groove, sweeping electronics and buzzy drones are a welcome addition here and close the release out on a very strong note.

Definitely my favourite Juicebox Music release to date and there is a long list of impressive feedback which includes John OO Fleming, Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and King Unique so you know it’s one not to miss. Highly Recommended.

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