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This week we catch up with Greek producer Blusoul, who is really starting to make a huge impact with progressive house fans. Blusoul’s deep and enchanting productions have already graced the Sound Avenue, 99percent, Crossfade Sounds, Mistique and Lowbit imprints. He’s a producer that keeps his production output in check and the quality levels very high. 2013 holds a lot of exciting new projects for Blusoul and we had a chance to chat with him recently about some of them, a transcription of the interview is below and we hope you enjoy it.

1. How old are you and how long have you been producing / DJing?

Blusoul: I’m 37 years old. I have been DJing since 1995 and producing since 2004.

2. What are your earliest memories of music, what did you listen to growing up? How did you get involved in electronic music and what made you decide to pursue it seriously? Have you always been focused on progressive house or did your beginnings in electronic music start somewhere else?

Blusoul: I did listen to Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre, Depeche Mode. I got involved in electronic music by listening to the radio and searching for good music in record shops. My decision was made from the passion for this
music. My beginning in electronic music started with underground electronic music.

3. Did you have any formal music training growing up? in regards to composing or engineering / sound design etc.? and if not did anyone help you out along the way?

Blusoul: I have studied music technology and sound engineering between 2001-2003.

4. Your production career began producing some breakbeats along with progressive house. Are you still writing breakbeat tunes or has the time for that come and gone? And what is your feeling on the breakbeat sound right now?

Blusoul: I’m not writing breakbeat tunes right now but I will in the near future. Breaks will always be in my heart but you know, this sound is not very much supported these days.

5. Hernan Cattaneo has not only supported but also played on his radioshow a few of your past productions. That must have been a big moment, Talk a bit about what that meant to you to have one of the world’s DJs supporting your music.

Blusoul: It was a dream that became true. This is the result from very hard work because i never stop trying getting better and learn more- I feel very happy about this support.

6. Many of our readers are probably curious about your current studio setup, what does it look like right now?

Blusoul: Well, my studio setup is this: (Hardware) Access Virus TI, RME Fireface 400 sound card, Mac Book Pro, pair of Yamaha MSP-5 studio monitors. (Software) Ableton live, Native Instruments Complete, Omnisphere, Waves etc.

7. You recently released a vocal track in collaboration with Canadian Producer / Vocalist Amber Long. It was part of the hugely successful TEN compilation on 99percentrecordings. Can we expect to see a proper single for that track and if so can you give us some info about it?

Blusoul: There are three remixers for the track (GPal, Poison Pro, Tvardovsky) and it was released in 29th of April 2013 on 99percentrecordings.

8. Which one of your productions are you most proud of? Does anything from your discography have an extra special meaning to you?

Blusoul: I’m sorry but I can’t select. A special meaning has the track with Amber Long because it is my first collaboration with a real singer.

9. What are you working on right now? anything you can tell us about?

Blusoul: I’m working on two new original tracks and two remixes for DAR Digital and Sound Avenue.

10. Give us your thoughts on the Greek electronic music scene right now, how do you think it compares to the rest of world?

Blusoul: I think that the Greek electronic music scene has a long way to go. There are good Greek producers and DJs but unfortunately they are not enough supported by the greek labels and the party organisers.

11. We don’t seem to hear many DJ sets from you, is this just from a lack of time or is your primary focus on producing and is DJing something you enjoy?

Blusoul: The last 10 months I had a lot of work to do with producing (original and remix tracks). I’m looking forward to start again making DJ sets and play live in the new season.

12. What in the electronic music industry irritates you the most?

Blusoul: I think that there are too many labels in the electronic scene and unfortunately they don’t focus on releasing good music with quality.

13. What artist or track would you love to remix?

Blusoul: Hernan Cattaneo.

14. Where do you get studio inspiration from? What producers consistently inspire you? Who are some of your favourites?

Blusoul: Sasha (Airdrawndagger, Involver 1).

15. What do you like to do for fun outside of the music? and do you have a regular job? What is a typical day like for Blusoul?

Blusoul: I like watching movies, documentaries and sports. Playing video games, eating delicious Greek food & drinking beers. I don’t have a regular job this period. A typical day for me includes a lot of music (listening and
composing) and meeting with friends.

16. Apart from electronic music what other genres do you listen to and who are your favourite artists outside of electronic? How big of an influence are other styles of music when it comes to composing your own tracks? Could you give any examples?

Blusoul: I don’t listen to anything else but electronic music… so i don’t have an influence form other styles of music.

17. Blusoul Current Favourites (you can list more than one per category if you like)

Food: moussaka, souvlaki, chicken cooked in lemon juice and fish.
Drink: Beers
TV Show: The Walking Dead.
Movie: Star Trek into Darkness
Video Game: gears of war, tomb raider.
Album: Ulrich Schnauss – A Long Way to Fall
Track / Song: Satoshi Tomiie – Love in traffic (Mike Griego hypno mix)
Producer / Band: Guy J, Cid Inc, Poisonpro ,Lonya , Sahar Z ,Luke Porter ,Praveen Achary
Record Label: microCastle, Sound Avenue, Lowbit, Replug, Sudbeat.
Nightclub: Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos)
DJ: Hernan Cattaneo, Guy J ,Cid Inc

18. If the final DJ set of your career was next week what would be your last record be?

Blusoul: The future sound of London – Papua New Guinea (original mix)

19. What can we expect to see in 2013 from Blusoul?

Blusoul: Lot of productions, live sets and maybe some collaborations.

Release Promo would like to send a huge thanks to Blusoul for taking the time to do this interview.

Blusoul feat. Amber Long ‘The Future Is Yours’ is out now on 99percentrecordings, you can purchase the release: here

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